Rabbi comedian: “Hollywood is Jewish, but antisemite”

Rabbi Jackie Mason who has worked as a comedian for the last 60 years, in a recent interview claimed that though Hollywood is run by Jews, but many of Hollywood actors and actresses (both Jewish and non-Jewish) carry anti-Israel sentiments.

The interview was conducted by Aaron Klein, who hosts his Salem Radio AM 970 Aaron Klein Investigative Show from Israel. Both Jackie Mason and Aaron Klein are blind supporters of the Zionist entity.

When asked why Hollywood actors, such as, Penelope Cruz, Rihanna and Selena Gomez has recently slammed Israel over its unprovoked bloodshed, Mason replied: They come from these kinds of anti-Semitic backgrounds where a Jew is the most disgusting thing in the world to them.

The ironic thing is that it’s Jewish people who own these Hollywood studios … And they all hire these people and they depend on them for a living. Every penny they made is made from Jews and they hate every Jew just by nature,” Mason said.

Jackie Mason 83, is an ordained rabbi and led prayers at a synagogue for three years before decided to sell Holocaust and Israel via comedy.

Earlier, veteran Hollywood Jew actor Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie’s father) had accused Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem for  “inciting anti-Semitism” by signing an open letter along with several other top names in Spain’s entertainment industry condemning the Zionist regime’s Palestinian genocide in Gaza. Voight also said that Cruz should hang her head in shame for supporting Hamas.

Pope superstar Rihanna of What Now fame singer, who dated Jew divorced Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, tweeted an anti-Israel Free Palestine message which she deleted within an hour from her account page. Pop industry is not just “Blacks”, it indeed is flooded by Zionist Jews.

Salena Gomez, who tweeted Pray for Gaza last month, was told by veteran Hollywood comedian Joan Rivers to Shut-up. Last year, the organized Jewry slammed Joan Rivers for making jokes about Holocaust. Being a Jew herself, she refused to apologize for her anti-Semitic jokes.


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