September 1947: When Jew terrorists tried to bomb London

On Tuesday September 9, 1947, American newspaper The Argus reported the arrest of 16 members of Jewish terrorist groups Stern Gang and a US Army Air Force (USAAF) pilot Reginald Gilbert by the French police at the Toussus le-Noble airport near Versailles.

The terrorist group was lead by a Ukrainian-born Rabbi Baruch Korff, chairman of the American Political Action Committee for Palestine and his private secretary Judith Rosenberger, a Hungarian-born US citizen. All of them were accused of trying to bomb the British Foreign Office building in London in order to force London to withdraw its forces from Palestine which the World Zionist movement had decided to turn into “for Jews only” Israel by armed terrorism.

In 2003, the released British secret service MI5 documents also confirmed that there was a “Project for a air raid over London City, in the course of which leaflets were to be dropped in the name of Stern Gang, together with high-explosive bombs“.

The above event is also mentioned by the American political activist and author Alison Weir in her new book about the hidden part of the United States playing the role of “midwife” in the creation of the Terrorist state of Israel in her new book, ‘Against Our Better Judgment: How US Created Israel’.

Immediately after the WW II, American statesman Dean Acheson along with Secretary of State George C. Marshall and Loy Henderson, director of the State Department’s Office of Near Eastern and African Affairs had warned US president Harry Truman that creating the Zionist entity over a country already inhibited by Palestinians would be against the national interests of the United States and other Western powers in the region. However despite the warnings, Harry Truman, a Poodle of Zionism supported the establishment of a “Jewish state” in the historic Palestine inhabited by Muslims and Christians.

On July 13, 2014, the Birmingham Post published the story of Birmingham-born USAAF pilot Gilbert who thwarted the Jewish terrorist militia’s plot to bomb London.

When Britain failed to accede to Zionist demands, an American rabbi named Baruch Korff fomented a plan to drop incendiary bombs on London.

In the summer of 1947 Rabbi Korff, a passionate supporter of the creation of a Zionist State, travelled from his home in Boston and made contact with members of the Stern Gang in Paris.

The Jewish militant group was at the time waging a brutal terrorist campaign against British forces which were in control in Palestine, in an attempt to force the Government to pull out of the territory.

In late August 1947, Korff approached Reginald Gilbert, a decorated 25-year-old World War II veteran, who flew Spitfires in the US Army Air Force (USAAF) during the war. At the time was studying at the University of Paris, and offered him a large cash sum to fly the plane on its bombing mission over London.

Gilbert pretended to accept Korff’s offer but immediately after their meeting went to the French police, who warned the British Embassy of the Stern Gang‘s plot. MI5 then became involved, persuading Gilbert to play along with their plan.

Gilbert was secretly flown to an RAF base in England and placed in protective custody by Special Branch.

Days later, he gave an interview to a US newspaper in which he shed more light on the Stern Gang plot, revealing that Rabbi Korff had changed the target from the House of Commons to the Foreign Office building “because Korff held a grudge against that Office for refusing him a visa to Palestine”.

The young pilot also disclosed that, when he pointed out to Korff fog could prevent him finding the target, the rabbi told him to drop the bombs anywhere over London, brushing aside Gilbert’s concerns that innocent civilians would be killed.

Now, the Six Million Dollar question is: Will David Cameron or Barack Obama dare to award Gilbert the “Medal of Bravery” while shedding tears on September 11, 2014?


4 responses to “September 1947: When Jew terrorists tried to bomb London

  1. Most interesting! Last week, I ordered Ms Weir’s book, as it seemed to be a major document regarding the bad decision to give half of Palestine for a Zionist entity.

    • The UN Security Council non-permanent members were bribed by Washington to award 54% of historical Palestine to Europe’s unwanted Jews in 1947. The remaining 46% was trusted to Western poodles ruling the Transjordan. In June 1967, the Jewish army captured that 46% too. Now the Palestinians are left with less than 12% (Gaza and part of the West Bank) of their ancestral homeland.

  2. Lasse Wilhelmson

    To my knowledge the UN decision was a proposal, witch the Jews accepted but the arab states did not.

    • Nope – Your “knowledge” is based on Jewish propaganda lies. The great majority of United Nations General Assembly had rejected acceptance of Israel as member of the international body in 1948. Even the first resolution in the UNSC couldn’t get 2/3 votes from the 15 member states in the first round in 1949. In the second round, Washington bribed two tiny South American countries to get the needed 2/3 majority. Read more about the “UN created Israel” at the Foreign Policy Journal, October 26, 201o, below.

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