Amir Khan: UK boxer to establish charity for Africa

Amir-Khan35[1]After his recent visit to Muslim-majority (95%) Gambia, UK-born two-times light-Welterweight NBA and IBF champion Amir Iqbal Khan, 27, has announced the establishment of a charitable foundation to fight poverty in Muslim Africa.

Amir Khan, born into a Muslim Pakistani immigrant family, became the youngest WBA champion at the Athens Olympics 2004.

While in Gambia’s barren Gunjjur region of Gambia where thousands of people are victims of floods and famine – Khan was struck with the unbelievable poverty, hunger and lack of daily necessities to survive – a legacy left by the centuries of western colonization of Africa.

It was there, when Khan decided to do something. He is determined to help the people in Gambia and has decided to launch Amir Khan Foundation with a fundraising dinner in Manchester on August 14, coinciding with the birth of Muslim Pakistan on August 14, 1947.

Amir Khan faced his first Muslim identity crisis after July 7, 2005 terrorist attacks in London, an Israeli Mossad false flag operation blamed on Muslims. Ten days after the attacks, Khan proudly held the Union Flag when he walked to the ring. It was embroidered with the word “London” in black ribbons to mourn the victims. Moments after Khan wrapped up a first-round TKO victory, the police issued a red alert for a bomb scare and evacuated the arena.

The second time Amir Khan came under Jewish Lobby’s axe, when in 2009 he defeated Ukraine-born American Jew boxer Dimitriy Salita, known as “Star of David” for carrying Israeli flag instead of US flag in the ring. Salita wears skull-cap, follows strict Jewish dietary laws and refuses to take any Friday-night fight because they fall on Sabbath. After his defeat, Salita made his first 6-day visit to the Zionist entity.

Watch an interview with Amir Khan and his wife when both visited Pakistan last year.


2 responses to “Amir Khan: UK boxer to establish charity for Africa

  1. Wow,good news for a change, but on the other hand if multinationals would pay their taxes in Africa and if the 85 men/women who own half of this world would contribute to the poor, we would have a better world!

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