Sayed Kashua: Top Hebrew author leaves racist Israel

Sayed Kashua is a Palestinian Israeli citizen, and greatest living Hebrew writer, author and screen play-writer. On Thursday, he left Israel for good and has taken residence in New York along with his family. In his last post for daily Ha’aretz, he said that his dream of living within a tolerant Israeli society has been shattered by the rise of Israeli Jewish racism toward Palestinian people. He said that the current Israel’s unprovoked bloody military assault on 1.7 million Gaza people was the last straw which broke his life-long dream of Jews and Palestinians living together in peace.

Kashua’s decision to emigrate to Israel’s North American colony (USA) came in response to a series of events that were marked by violence and incitement against the Arab population, from the government to the street. One member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, called for a war against the Palestinian people on her Facebook page. Another called an Arab legislator a “terrorist” during a parliamentary committee session, while still another, the leader of an ostensibly centrist party, submitted a proposal to ban an established Arab nationalist party with sitting members of the Knesset. The editor of a right-wing newspaper suggested that now was the time to transfer the Arab population out of the occupied West Bank. In Jerusalem, mobs of hyper nationalist youth rampaged through the cafe-lined downtown streets chanting “death to Arabs,” assaulting random passersby because they looked or sounded Palestinian. Most horrifically of all, a 17 year-old Palestinian boy from East Jerusalem was abducted from the street by six young Jewish men, three of them minors. The police found Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s corpse in the nearby Jerusalem Forest shortly after CCTV cameras recorded some young men forcing him into a car. He had been doused with gasoline and burned alive. Three of the six boys confessed to the crime and re-enacted it for the police.

The Jerusalem-based chain-smoking, whisky-loving Kashua was born in Tira, Israel. He is famous for his novels based on Israel-Palestinian folk-tales, and humoristic writings in Hebrew. He also wrote script for the Israeli movie Private (2004), based on the story of a Palestinian family trapped inside a house commandeered by Jew soldiers. Watch the movie below.

To prove Jewish racist mindset, on July 19, 2014, students from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, along with family members walked out of Graduation ceremony during Kashua speech when he made satirical comment about the three missing young Jew settlers. “Holland gave it to Spain 5-1 and Hamas gave it Israel 3-0,” said Kashua. Students also accused him of saying: “My children saw on television how Netanyahu speaks against terrorists and murderers. They asked me who he was talking about, and I replied that he is talking about me and them, my children.”

Kashua who worked as columnist for Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz for years is told by the paper’s publisher that he can write whatever he wants from New York. I bet, Israeli propaganda organs, The Jew York Times and Washington Times would love to have him on staff at any cost.

As typical Jewish mindset, Kashua’s decision to say good-by to racist Israel was labeled as being pessimistic.

You were supposed be optimistic, you were supposed to give us hope. Instead you are only proposing despair. So in contrast to you, Sayed, I decided to fight and keep dreaming of a more optimistic world where one can think differently. When it comes true, please do not stay in the US,” Maisalon Dallashi, a researcher at Tel Aviv University, wrote in letter to Syed Kashua.


One response to “Sayed Kashua: Top Hebrew author leaves racist Israel

  1. i am going to post this movie hoping others can watch all of it. i found it unbearable and had to stop after the little girl is brought back from behind the locked door, slumped like a lifeless doll.
    the palestinians have backbones made of steel.

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