Chutzpah: Obama urges Netanyahu to stop killing Gazans!

Obama-Israel-holocaustl[1]After the 12-hour “humanitarian cease-fire” on Sunday, Israelis restarted shelling Gaza civilian targets to punish Gazans for electing Hamas to lead their struggle to recover some of their lands stolen by the foreign Jew terrorists since 1948. So far, more than 1000 Gaza people, 80% civilians among them, have been killed by Israeli shelling during the last 20 days.

Israeli media reported on Sunday that Barack Obama in a telephone chat with Benjamin Netanyahu urged him to extend the “humanitarian cease-fire” in order to save Israel from further world condemnation.

Obama’s non-stop knee-bending in front of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is so pathetic that one cannot even laugh anymore. The president of the world’s most powerful nation which has shielded the Zionist entity since 1948 with over $3 trillion financial and military aid; over 47 vetoes at the UNSC and making Arabs and Muslims kill each other through direct and proxy wars – has become so weak that he cannot even tell Netanyahu to stop killing Gazan otherwise he would stop some of American support to Israel.

In 1956, Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower, using his Jewish family roots and being WW II hero confronted the Jewish Lobby by issuing a warning to Israel, Britain and France to cancel their plan to bring a regime change in Cairo while the Zionist entity occupy the entire Sinai Peninsula.

In April 1955, under pressure from Jewish Lobby, British prime minister Anthony Eden backed-down on his promise to sell arms to Colonel Nasser. Nasser in return nationalized the Suez Canal and told London to pull all its forces from Egypt. Eden told Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion to invade Egyptian Sinai Peninsula to fulfill Zionists dream of the Greater Israel. Both London and Paris promised Gurion to provide military and diplomatic support to Israeli invasion.

When US President Eisenhower learned of the UK-French-Israeli plan to grab the Suez Canal and march on Cairo, he was furious. Ike ordered the British and French out of Egypt under threat of collapsing their weak currencies. Eisenhower told Israel to get out of Sinai – or else. Israel got out,” says Eric Margolis, Canada’s renowned war correspondent and author.

This event is worth recalling as we today watch US President Barack Obama and his hapless Secretary of State John Kerry plead with Israel to stop massacring Palestinians in Gaza,” says Margolis.

In order to honor Eisenhower’s starving 1.7 million anti-Semite Germans during the WW II, the Jewish lobby got the presidential resort to be named after Eisenhower’s grandson; the David Camp. Currently, the American sheep are paying for the construction of Eisenhower Memorial on a four-acre Federal land in Washington DC.


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