Indian Hindus love “macho” Israel

The pro-Israel Indian Outlookindia online news magazine in a recent article, entitled Holy Land’s Pin-Up Warriors claims that Israel’s current Gaza Massacre has made the Zionist entity a role model for Hindu extremists to deal with its (Muslim) neighbors (Pakistan and Bangladesh).

To a large number of Indians who want to see the country emerge as a “tough nation”, Israel is a ready role model. This is a country that has survived in the teeth of constant hostility, winning several wars against a united Arab force; and, as the legend goes, never gives in to hostage-takers, kidnappers and those who try and use ‘terror’ as a tool to marginalize it. Added to all this are accounts of its commando rescue operations in bestsellers like 90 minutes in Entebbe and incidents like that in Srinagar in June 1991, where five of six Israeli tourists escaped after managing to overpower their Kashmiri captors. Such events have bolstered its macho image and deepened Indians’ admiration,” claimed the article.

The above statement show the mindset of a brainwashed Zionist propagandists. Israel is colonial power like the British India 67 years ago. No Arab army ever invaded the Zionist entity since the West gave birth to it in May 1948. The Jewish army never fought a defensive war as Israel has always been the Aggressor.

Pity though, the Jewish army found its match in Hizbullah which defeated it in 2006.

According to British secret files released in 2007, the 1976 hijacking of an Air France plane to Entebbe (Uganda) by the so-called “Palestinian terrorists” belonging to the Front for the Liberation of Palestine, were part of an Israeli false flag operation. In the so-called “Israeli rescue operation”, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu’s brother, an Israeli army officer, was killed by the Israeli hired “Arab terrorists”.

The “six Israeli tourists” were Israeli military adviser to the 500,000-strong Indian occupation army in Jammu and Kashmir Valley. They’re captured by Muslim Kashmiri resistance fighters but five of them were able to escape with the help of RAW agents who have infiltrated among the Kashmiri Mujahideen.

If readers are still confused as to who’re behind the Outlookindia magazine? Here is one clue. On Friday, Patrick Youngblood, posted an article on the magazine, entitled, “All That You Wanted to Know About Israel-Palestine“… but were afraid to ask! He recommended some Jewish news media outlets which he described “most reliable” sources to understand the Israel-Palestine conflict. His choice included The Jew York Times, BBC, +972 (an Israeli  “Liberal Jewish” website, whose publisher called me “anti-Semite” and banned me from commenting a few months ago), Democracy Now!, Middle East Research and Information Project, and of course the Jewish Voice for Peace.

Youngblood concluded his masterpiece by saying that a great majority of Palestinians don’t support either Hamas or Fatah. In other words, the Israeli propagandist is trying to insult former US president Jimmy Carter, who personally observed the 2006 election in the Palestinian Territories (Gaza, West Bank, East Jerusalem) and confirmed the victory of Hamas over Fatah as result of the first-ever democratic election held in the occupied Palestine.

My guess is, the Outlookindia is Hindu-extension of the Jew York Times. Anyway, the article do have some facts about the “macho” Jew, which I’m already aware of. For example, Modi’s private secretary Sanjeev Shringla, an anti-Muslim Hindu fascist recently visited Israel just like his boss, who visited Israel as chief minister of Gujarat in the past. Yes, Israel is the second largest arm suppliers to India, which has become world’s largest arms buyer.

I would like to end this post with an article by Kim Patersen, editor Dissident Voice website published on July 24, 2014. It exposes the “Israel’s Gatekeeprs”, who are still arguing why Hamas is firing rockets against “innocent” Israeli Jews occupying Arab lands.


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