Israel’s Jewish rape culture

After the Israeli false flag operation involving the death of three Jewish settlers, which was blamed on Hamas by Netanyahu, professor Mordechai Keider ( Bar Ilan University) in an interview with the Israeli Broadcasting Authority said that only rapping sisters and mothers of the members of Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas and Islamic Jihad by Israeli Jews will deter them to fight the Zionist entity.

In 2003, Israeli army rabbi, Colonel Eyal Qarim issued the Jewish fatwa that rape of enemy women was not forbidden. He based his interpretation of Jewish Bible (OT) which quoted (sic) prophet Moses to kill all female prisoners except 3-year-old girls and use them as sex-slaves.

Now just imagine the reaction from Barack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Markel, Hollande and Abbott, if a similar statement had been made by some Muslim scholar like Kevin Barrett, who like Keider also used to teach Arabic literature at University of Wisconsin-Madison before the Jew Lobby got him fired for not believing the official story of 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In March 2014, hundreds of Israeli women demonstrated in Tel Aviv against the ever-growing rape culture in the Zionist entity. According to Israeli newspaper YNet on March 30, the protest was organized by a group of Jewish women, all social activists, chanting slogans “Enough with rape culture” and “Sexual assault = Social phenomenon”. The protest came as the result of news that Israeli energy and water minister Silvan Shalom had rapped a female staff 15 years ago.

n 2007, Israeli president Moshe Katsav was forced to resign over allegations of rape. He was convicted to serve 7-year in jail.

British professor Golbarg Bashi at Rutgers said: “What is the difference between lynching young Black men in Southern United States on the mere assumption of “laid hands on a White woman’ and criminalizing a Palestinian man for having done the same to a Europen Ashkenazi woman?” The answer is expel all African and Arabs from the Zionist entity.

The Association of Rape Crisis Center in Israel in its 2010 report has claimed that one in every three Israeli women has been raped or sexually assaulted. The report also claimed that that rape of minors is also on the rise – 13% more than in 2009. It said that Jew teenagers are taught sexual abuse in Israeli schools being normal.

Last year, Israeli judge Judge Nissim Yeshaya while hearing a gang rape of a 19-year-old Jewish woman said: “Some women do enjoy rape.”

An anti-rape NGO, SurvJustice, has accused the Jewish Wall Street Journal for propagating rape culture.

Israel’s tourism agency has build several hotels in Kenya, India and several other poor nations to provide sex to Israeli Jews. For example, Hotel Paradise Mombassa in Kenya which was blown-up by an Israeli arsonist on November 22, 2002.

On November 23, 2011, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that Israeli tourist are hated in India, Nepal and Poland because they’re arrogant and corrupt local cultures through prostitution, alcohol, drug abuse, terrorism and other immoral activities. Watch a video below.


2 responses to “Israel’s Jewish rape culture

  1. first, maybe india is beginning to regret its warm embrace of israel.
    second, i wonder if the ‘russian tourists’ to india discussed in the video are as ‘russian’ as the criminals in the so-called ‘russian mafia’ in the us…. i bet they are.

    • According to FBI, the Italian crime Mafia in United States was replaced by Russian Jewish Mafia in the 1960s. Since then, Sicilian crime syndicate only exist in Jewish controlled Hollywood movies.

      Here an interesting report (1997) prepared by Jewish think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) headed by Dr. John J. Hamre (Zionist Jew). Naturally, the did not mention the religious affiliation of those criminals.

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