Bibi-Erdogan support Kurdistan in Iraq

Last month, taking advantage of US funded and trained ISIS militants’ victory in Iraq, the Kurd forces (Peshmerga) of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) occupied oil-rich Iraqi governorate of Kirkuk. On June 29, Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu threw his entity’s support for an independent Kurd state in Iraq, saying “we should support Kurdish aspiration (but not Palestinian aspiration) for independence.” Netanyahu also praised ISIS for destabilizing the Middle East.

In response to Netanyahu’s support, Mardan Khadr Zebary and Bayar Tahir Dosky, members of the ruling PDK, thanked Bibi for his support, saying both Kurdistan region and Israel face the same enemies.

On Tuesday, Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, the KRG’s representative in London called upon pro-Israel David Cameron government to provide greater defense and intelligence support to the Kurd entity.

Rahman, whose post makes her effectively Kurdistan’s ambassador in London, said the Kurds were Britain’s ally in the fight against terrorism and extremism. However, Britain refused to supply defense items such as electronic jamming equipment to the KRG without end-user certificates issued by the Iraqi government. Baghdad refused to issue such certificates if the equipment was destined for Kurdistan.

On July 1, Dr. David Pollock (Zionist Jew) of Washington-based Israel lobby WINEP in an article posted at his Fikra Forum blog advised Obama administration to support a Kurd state in Iraq which is opposed by KRG neighbors like Syria and Iran. “In the past few days, Iranian officials have spoken out against Kurdish independence. Iran shares a long border with the KRG, and the author has both witnessed and heard many chilling stories about its agents crossing that border to put great pressure on their much smaller and weaker neighbor.” Does the Zionist idiot knows that the Iranian border along KRG is part Iran’s autonomous Kurd province?

On Sunday, ruling AK Party Deputy Chairman Hüseyin Çelik said that Ankara would not object to a Kurd state in Iraq. There could be several possible reasons for Erdogan’s change of heart but like Netanyahu, the welfare of Iraqi Kurds is not one of them. Erdogan hates Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, an American client, for supporting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Erdogan still refuses to recognize Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, an Israeli poodle, as lawful ruler of Egypt.

I tend to agree with Erdogan’s critics that his decision to bless Iraqi Kurdistan is for his personal ambition to rule Turkey for the next ten years as President with executive powers with the help of Kurdish political parties which represent 20% of Turkey’s total population.

Erdogan could be playing with Kurds national sentiment – and there is no guarantee that he wouldn’t dump his new Kurd allies once he became President. After all, he dumped his past allies like Qaddafi, Assad and  Hamas for personal gains. However, Erdogan’s support for an independent Kurd homeland on Iraqi soil would be a political suicide for the country as it will open the doors for the break-up of Turkey on ethnic lines – and that’s why the “Kurd aspiration” is supported by the Zionist regime and the Jewish Lobby in United States.


4 responses to “Bibi-Erdogan support Kurdistan in Iraq

  1. Hi Rehmat – I was wondering if you can give me some history on
    Camp David. The jews seems to hang around there a lot and I
    was wondering what their interest was in Camp David. Camp “David”
    is a interesting name since the US gov is suppose maintain it.
    I recall there is some jewish influence here but cannot recall nor
    is there anything on the net. I know you know as you had mentioned
    it before. Oh yea, I very much enjoy your articles.
    Thank you in advance for a reply.

  2. Thank you Rehmat. You had addressed Camp David info to me
    several yrs. ago and I could not recall the full text. But the info
    regarding Camp David was something to the effect that Israel
    controlled Camp David which had surprised me.
    Thanks again for your response.

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