Israel: The Jewish lynch mentality

This post has nothing to do with the Jewish army conducting unprovoked bloodbath of 1.7 million Gaza inhabitants under code name “Protective Edge”. J.J. Goldberg has admitted at the Jewish Daily Forward on July 10, 2014 that Israel’s entire case on the “abduction and murder of three Jew settlers was based on lies”. He admits that settlers bodies were found before Netanyahu blamed Hamas for abducting them.

Bloody Gaza onslaught built on foundation of politics and lies Israeli military dragged into new quagmire by politicians,” wrote J.J Goldberg.

Six Jew settlers showed their lynch mentality by abducting 16-year-old Palestinian boy Muhammad Abu Khdeir. The abductors forced their victim to drink gasoline and then put him on fire.

Amjad Shabita, an Israeli Palestinian activist in Israel’s Hadash Maki party introduces a harrowing account of Jewish lynch mentality on Facebook in Hebrew during the period the Israeli government was lying about the three “kidnapped Jews” and Hamas. Its following English translation was published by Nijmeh Ali, an Israeli Arab citizen

Fascists in a colonial regime? Is that a historical precedent?

The light train in Jerusalem. I am sitting quietly. Some yelling is heard and the train gets stuck. Hundreds, maybe thousands are banging on the windows of the train. “Death to the Arabs”, they are chanting. I am scared. I hide behind my sunglasses. I pray that they will not recognize my nationality. A woman is crying, screaming hysterically from the rear seats. I run towards her. She is a young mother with a head scarf. She is holding a 5 year old boy. Another woman is pushing her, wanting to forcibly shove her out of the train. Thousands are banging on the windows, baying for blood, and that woman wants to sacrifice the young mother. “She has no place with us, they murdered three of our sons”. Is she the one who murdered your sons? Did her son murder them? She keeps yelling, the thousands keep banging on the windows. A terrifying sight, nothing is more frightening, and the thundering silence of tens of passengers on the train, as if nothing happened!

These were the longest 12 minutes of my life. 12 minutes on the road to a  lynching.”




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