WSJ: ‘Hamas, Hamas, Jews into gas…’

How could one miss a laugh at Wall Street Journal (WSJ) anti-Muslim, anti-Dieudonne and anti-Hamas whining on June 10, 2014?

Simone Rodan-Benzaquen in an article, entitled “Do Jews have a future in Europe?”, shows his Talmudic contempt by blaming Muslims for Jew -hatred in order to cover Jewish crimes against 60 million French citizens.

For the record, France which is home to 8 million Muslims and 450,000 Jews, never had a Muslim president, prime minister, foreign minister, interior minister, or finance minister – but currently Jews hold all those posts. In fact, Jews have dominated in every French regime since WW II.

The French Jewish leaders in their self-denial don’t realize that their constant whining have united French nationalists against them and Israel. In January 2014, nearly 17,000 French nationalists protested in Paris to show their support for Alain Soral and French comedian Dieudonne, who thanks to French Jewish Lobby has been banned to perform in France, UK, Canada and several other European countries for his criticism of the Zionist regime and showing solidarity with Palestinian people. According to WSJ, some protesters yelled “Hamas, Hamas, Jews into gas“. Ignoring anti-Hamas Jew bigot, the protesters, in fact, chanted “gas chambers fake“.

Simone is not the first Jew expert on Islam to whine about Muslim power. In April 2011, professor Alan Dershowitz also complained that thanks to pro-Hamas lobby, Jews are not welcomed in Norway.

Michael Hoffman dealt with the said WSJ’s whining in a different way. He said: “Rodan-Benzaquen and Schwammenthal’s essay doesn’t take into account Israeli butchery of Palestinians and Lebanese, or the powerful presence in the Israeli government and media of advocates of anti-goyimism. They would not even acknowledge Robert Faurisson’s doctoral degree from the Sorbonne and his professorship. He is referred to only as Robert Faurisson. Dishonesty and partisanship permeates their writing.”

The public in the West are not allowed to cobceive the reality of anti-goyamites in power in the Israeli state. Goyim (i.e. gentiles whether European, Persian or Arab) are so marginalized that racist attacks on them by powerful rabbis and Israeli politicians, emanating from Orthodox Judaism’s sacred texts, don’t register as formal and organized bigotry, or more precisely, as anti-goyimism,” said Hoffman.

Here is the Talmudic mentality weaponized: the endless victim/martyr status and the calls for continued use of police and the courts to” silence the less than human victims” of the media-certified Holy Victims,” adds Hoffman. Read the article in full here.




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