Israel recalls 40,000 combat reserves to destroy Hamas

In response to world condemnation of the Zionist regime for the kidnapping and burning-alive of a 16-year-old Palestinian boy by a gang of six Israeli Jew fanatics, Israel Occupation Force (IOF) has decided to recall 40,000 of its combat Jew reserves to invade besieged Gaza Strip since 2006.

For the last three days, American donated Israeli Apache helicopters and F-16  have fired hundreds of missiles on Islamic Jihad’s empty arms warehouses and training camps – and residential targets. According to Arab media, 23 Palestinian including five children are killed and over 130 injured as result of Israeli missiles.

After living under Israeli siege for over eight years, the 1.7 million Gaza citizens have got accustomed to Israel’s bully tactics. Very few of them believe that those 40,000 pampered Jew combatants would like to die for Zionism on Gaza soil. Israeli defense minister Gen. Moshe Yaalan has already warned his colleagues that it would be better to let Israeli air force and navy terrorize Gaza people as a ground invasion of Gaza could extend the war for many years to come.

Amos Harel, a journalist focused on military affairs for the Israeli daily Haaretz, revealed that the Israeli army command suggested three options to Netanyahu government in Tel Aviv on how to deal with Hamas in Gaza. The first is “bombing institutions and leadership headquarters, making sure that attacking aircrafts make frightful sounds, shaking the sector without causing casualties,” the second option is “bombing weapons and rocket factories and warehouses,” while the third options is “performing wide range assassinations against commanders and activists in Resistance movements.”

On Tuesday, Witnesses told AFP a drone launched a warning flare, prompting relatives and neighbors to gather at the house as a human shield, but shortly afterwards an F-16 fired a missile which leveled the building.

Both United States and European Union both condemned the Palestinians for firing rockets in response to Israeli attacks in separate statements Tuesday. As expected, neither have come out against Israel’s assault on Palestinian homes.

Iran, is only regional power which has condemned Israeli barbarism against Gaza people. The Arab League, as a token sympathy for Israeli victims, has asked for United Nations meeting over Israeli aggression.


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