US: Murder of 290 civilians on Iran Flight 655

F16vsA300[1]On July 3, 1988, Iranian passenger Flight 655 was destroyed in air by two SM-2MR deadly missiles fired from the USS Vincennes – killing all 290 on board including 66 children and 16 crew.

Commanded by Captain William C. Rogers III, who under directions from the Pentagon, committed this terrorist attack to force Tehran to accept a ceasefire with Saddam Hussein’s forces which were losing the 8-year US-Israel proxy war against the newly established Islamic Republic.

As usual, Washington tried to whitewash its crimes against Iran. The Hollywood actor in the White House, Ronald Reagan issued a statement calling the incident “a terrible human tragedy”, but justified the state terrorism “a proper defense action by the USS Vincennes” after the “aircraft failed to heed repeated warnings”.  Flight 655 was shot while flying over international waters.

Admiral William J. Crowe, the CJCS, added another lie in support of president Reagan’s story. He claimed that Rogers III mistook the Iranian aircraft (A-300 Airbus) to be Iranian Air Force F-14 which was going to attack USS Vincennes. Looking at the pictures of both F-14 and A-300 at the top of this post show that these anti-Iran Zionists were lying from both sides of their mouths.

The record shows that the decision to fire was taken more or less calmly and deliberately on the basis of personal advice passed from junior officers to the senior AAWC, and from the AAWC to the CO–in the face of a stream of contrary evidence from the electronics aboard.

While issuing notes of regret over the loss of human life, the US government has, to date, neither admitted any wrongdoing or responsibility in this tragedy, nor apologized, but continues to blame Iranian hostile actions for the incident. The men of the Vincennes were all awarded combat-action ribbons. Commander Lustig, the air-warfare coordinator, even won the navy’s Commendation Medal for “heroic achievement”, his “ability to maintain his poise and confidence under fire” having enabled him to “quickly and precisely complete the firing procedure.” According to a 23 April 1990 article printed in The Washington Post, the Legion of Merit was presented to Captain Rogers and Lieutenant Commander Lustig for their performance in the Persian Gulf on 3 July 1988. The citations did not mention the downing of the Iran Air flight at all.

The incident continued to overshadow US-Iran relations for many years. Following Israeli Mossad’s attack on Pan Am Flight 103 six months later, the British and American governments initially blamed the PFLP-GC, a Palestinian Christian resistance group backed by Syria, with assumptions of assistance from Iran in retaliation for Iran Air Flight 655. The blame was later shifted to Libya.

Dubya George Bush showed his Zionist moral bankruptcy, when he said: “I will never apologize for the USA, ever. I don’t care what the facts are,” reported by Jewish Newsweek, August 15, 1988. Doesn’t he sound like Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu!



One response to “US: Murder of 290 civilians on Iran Flight 655

  1. how come among so many memorial days we observe, like kristal nacht, holocaust remembrance day, etc, i don’t see july 3rd memorialized as, say… mass murder in the air memorial day. why isn’t june 8 observed as uss liberty attack memorial day…
    no, wait, i withdraw the question, i know why.

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