Meshaal’s letter to Rouhani over Israeli ‘War on Hamas’

Two days ago, Khaled Mashaal, the political Guru of Palestinian Islamic Resistance Hamas sent a letter to Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani informing him the current Israeli ‘War on Hamas’.

The letter begins with best salutations from Mashaal and on behalf of his brethren in Hamas Islamic resistance movement, and prayer for good health and success for President Rouhani, the Iranian nation and government to Almighty Allah.

Mashaal has in the letter asked the Iranian president and nation, to continue their always rendered support to the Palestinian nation in their resistance against the Zionist occupiers of their lands and to make moves aimed at stopping the Zionists’ attacks

In the letter, Mashaal explains how the Zionist regime is using the faked kidnapping of three Israeli militants to demonize Hamas and stab the Palestinian Unity government in the back while kill and torture thousands of Hamas supporters in the Jewish occupied West Bank.

Among the objectives of such unleashed brutalities, Mashaal has referred to:

1. Focusing on attacks against Hamas, pursuing its activists, assassination of its leaders, members and activists both inside Palestine and abroad and shutting down social and media centers of that movement, on pretext of attacking the infrastructures of terrorism, as the racist-Zionists baselessly claim. That is while the disappearance of those three Zionist township dwellers is still wrapped in a shade of ambiguity and no side has yet accepted responsibility for it.

2. The Zionist regime has meanwhile been trying to make the now two-month hunger strike of the Palestinian administrative officials who have been under arrest without any judiciary trial, trying to make them need their strike and to block the path for social sympathizing with those beloved on indie Palestine and abroad.

A large number of those hunger strikers in crucial health conditions have been transferred to hospitals and forcefully fed by Zionist officials, based on a law passed to permit them to do so.

3. The Zionists have meanwhile been trying to break the national Palestinian peace and the unity government that has been born from its context, and therefore, the Netanyahu, Zionist premier, began and propagation campaign against it ever since the first day after the disappearance of the three Zionist militia forces.

On propaganda level, Netanyahu has blasted Mahmoud Abbas for accepting Hamas in his Unity government while his economy minister Naftali Bennett has called Abbas a “mega terrorist”. However, Zionist entity’s retiring president and “war criminal”, Shimon Peres, praised Abbas as “peace partner” during his acceptance speech at Congressional Gold Medal ceremony in Washington DC on June 26, 2014.

Mahmoud Abbas collaboration with Israeli military onslaught has turned him into a traitor. Netanyahu is playing this to the hilt. It is far from certain that Hamas, as an organization, is responsible for the kidnapping……Netanyahu, however, insists he has proof that Hamas was responsible. The credibility of that claim erodes with each passing day that Bibi refuses to offer evidence for his claim. wingers, functions best when the country he runs is either angry, scared, or better yet, both. The current situation creates such an atmosphere. The problem will come when and if the tension in the West Bank boils over. And that problem is going to be one that neither the United States nor much of the rest of the world will be able to ignore. They will have to choose a side,” says Mitchell Plitnick, an American Jewish writer and peace activist. Read his blog  here.

On September 25, 1997, under direct orders to Danny Yatom, Mossad head, from Netanyahu, a six-member Jewish team of Israeli Mossad tried to assassinate Khaled Meshaal by spraying a slow-acting deadly poison in his ears in Amman Jordan. King Hussein in a call to US president Clinton threatened to say goodbye to Jordan-Israel peace treaty unless Netanyahu immediately deliver antidote to the poison to Jordanian authorities to save Meshaal life. Netanyahu got cold-feet and followed King’s demand. Watch below Yaser Abu Hilalah’s film ‘Kill Him Silently’, describing Netanyahu’s bungled bid to assassinate Khaled Meshaal.

Finding Jordan not a safe place to live, Meshaal took refuge in neighboring Syria where he was treated as an honored guest until 2012 when he decided to take side with anti-Assad insurgency and Qatari bribe. Since then, Meshaal has moved his headquarter from Baghdad to Doha, Qatar.


One response to “Meshaal’s letter to Rouhani over Israeli ‘War on Hamas’

  1. lol wtf, Meshaal is zionist goy and traitor. Hours before Yassin died he said beware of the snake Meshaal … look it up

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