BBC: Islam teaches hatred toward people

British journalist and author, Maelanie Phillips, a Zionist Jewish hag, have long been campaigner for the British soldiers to die in the Muslim world to maintain Israel’s military superiority in the Middle East. Like her hero Netanyahu, she is also obsessed with Iran. She is a regular contributor at the Jewish BBC and Daily Mail.

Early this month, Phillips got her Zionist bottom kicked at a forum when she tried to stir-up British  hatred against Islamic Republic of Iran. Watch a video below.

On June 21, 2014, Maelanie Phillips, claimed on BBC Radio’s “Moral Maze, saying: “There is no religion other than Islam that preaches a dislike of people who are not of that religion and desire to take them over.”

Let’s assume for a moment that she is right about her opinion of Islam, then what about her own Jewish religion which preaches dislike of even some people who follow Jewish religion? For example, it preaches every male Jew to recite daily prayer, saying: “Thanks G-d for not making me a Gentile, a Woman or a Slave.” Jewish religion discriminates Jewish women in several ways. It also preaches hatred toward both Christians and Muslims. And moreover, it’s organized world Jewry and not Muslims that has succeeded in controlling the world, even professor Richard Dawkins, an anti-Islam atheist, confirmed that in 2007.

The Jewish Book of Deuteronomy preaches how to destroy other nations by Usury. That’s why world’s all great banking institutions are controlled by the Jewish elites. Jewish hate toward Black people needs no proof.

Islam preaches Muslims to fight only the combatant enemies when they’re provoked. Contrary to that Judeo-Christians believe and practice collateral punishment on their enemies. Muslims believe in Allah who is merciful while Zionist Jews believe in G-d of Vengeance.

Zionists love to see themselves as revengeful and merciless. In Israel, Samson who is nothing less than a genocidal murderer is regarded as an eternal hero. He even managed to get an IDF battalion called after him. It is not a secret that the fantasy of retribution is deeply imbued within the Zionist psyche  and Israeli politics,” says Israeli-born British writer, author and musician Gilad Atzmon.

Kevin Boyle, British writer, author and blogger could not take Maelanie’s self-denial sitting down. On June 22, 2014, he posted an article exposing Jewish Bible (OT) and Talmud preaching Jews to hate and destroy all non-Jews. for example, in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy, Samuel 1, etc.), time and time again, Jewish G-d demands the absolute destruction of the non-Jewish people.

Finding evidence to expose Phillips’ lies is not difficult. Almost the entire Talmud presents such evidence. Anything you read good in Talmud is for Jews alone to practice among themselves,” wrote Boyle.

And to support his claim, Boyle attached the collection of Jewish Holy Verses prepared by Michael Hoffman, a renowned Christian scholar of Talmud.


2 responses to “BBC: Islam teaches hatred toward people

  1. While you have a right to your opinion and even have a right to be partisan beyond reach, all you are doing is kindling hatred by all this name-calling non-sense. You call this lady a hag and say she had her “bottom kicked”. I am sure she is fortunate to not see your bottom, un-kicked or otherwise!

    • Moshe, did you read what Kevin Boyle called to your Talmudic pig darling? If I have challenged your new Jewish religion ‘hohocaste’ on BBC, I’m sure my Canadian bottom would have been kicked by racist Zionist like you.

      BTW – Couldn’t you find a Jewish ID to hide your identity?

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