Israeli rabbis criticize Christian donations

Israel is home to 10,000 Jewish millionaires. Its military annual budget is second highest ($17.5 billion) after Saudi Arabia ($43 billion) – but its government loves to suck money from western Christian nations. United States alone has contributed more than $3 trillion to the Zionist entity since 1970s.

There are several American Christian Zionist organizations which donate money and some evangelic Christians provide free labor to Jewish settlers in West Bank to earn their Salvation. However, many Zionist Orthodox rabbis have accused these organizations of proselytizing, and refuse to accept donations.

One of such organizations is the so-called ‘International Fellowship of Christians and Jews’. It was founded in 1983 by US-born Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein to suck money from evangelic Christian donkeys to help the poor Jewish Holocaust survivors living mostly in Israel and West bank on lands stolen from native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. Eckstein has been living in Israel for the last 13 years.

Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz has reported recently that Eckstein’s organization has become the largest charity in Israel. It has donated about a quarter of a billion shekels ($75 million) to Israel and Jewish communities in the West in 2013 alone.

Jewish Al-Monitor website reported on April 16, 2014, that ‘International Fellowship of Christians and Jews’ has an annual budget of $170 million per year “made up contributions from evangelical Christians around the world who support Zionism and donate to Jews in Israel and the poor diaspora Jewish communities especially in Russia. These donations are integral part of their beliefs and life. In other words, Israeli government uses Christian money to pay part of cost of welfare.”

In an interview Eckstein gave to Al-Monitor in Jerusalem in April 2014, he claimed that his organization built 2600 bomb shelters during the 2006 Israeli war with Hizbullah on the request of then prime minister Ehud Olmert. When asked that he has been accused of faking Jewish poverty videos to fool Christians, Eckstein replied: “People sometimes tell me that I’m a “one-hit wonder.” I tell them that I’ve been working for 31 years to be a one-hit wonder. I built an empire. We’re not just the biggest philanthropy in Israel. There isn’t a Jewish organization in the United States that has a bigger budget than us either. I’m not ashamed. I know how to use people’s emotions, because I care. I know what the key words are, and what works on people. My producer is a Christian, and he works with Steven Spielberg, so he knows how to get the job done.”

Eckstein’s organization is supported by Islam-hating Christian leaders like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Jerry Rose to name a few. In reality, Rabbi Eckstein is as much corrupt as his Christian supporters. According to 2012 tax return, the good-old rabbi made $530,000 in salary and $670,000-plus benefits last year. His total pay is almost five times the average direct compensation that executive directors at similar-sized religious organizations earn, according to a compensation comparison generated by Linda Lampkin, the resource director at Economic Research Institute in Washington, D.C. (For more on this, see “Worth His Weight in Gold?” on p. 54.)

“Our biggest concern is that a lot of Christians support his work, thinking they are supporting Messianic Jews and Messianic ministries—but he’s not a believer,” says Sue Perlman, associate director of Jews for Jesus. “He has forthrightly said he opposes Jewish evangelism, and when we tell Christians that, they are shocked because they have been sending money to him [thinking] that in Jesus’ name all this money is going to help Jews come to Israel.

Last month, before Pope Francis “historic visit” to Israel, leading Zionist Orthodox Rabbis, Yaakov Ariel and Shlomo Aviner Shlita called Christianity and Christians being evil.

Christianity has been hostile to Jews forever. Millions of Jews were slaughtered by Christians and one cannot say the attitude has changed. Merely 65 years ago the pope opposed the creation of the state because they claim Christianity replaces Judaism and the State of Israel contradicts the Christian faith,” Ariel said.

Since Vatican 2 in the early 1960s proselytizing Jews has been banned. The practice is also not allowed by the Zionist regime.


2 responses to “Israeli rabbis criticize Christian donations

  1. this is memorable
    ‘I know how to use people’s emotions, because I care.’

    i had thought pat robertson had croaked already and gone to join jerry falwell in the big cauldron down there…

  2. I give monthly..if it doesn’t go to why I send it…then I am not the sinful one for having faith

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