Iraq: Another anti-Iran ‘proxy war’ for Israel

In order for this Neo-conservative (mostly Jewish) strategy – to turn Israel into a world power not dependent on fickle of the US for its survival – to work, it is obvious that Iran has to be substantially weakened. Enter the latest Israeli noises that sound like an ultimatum to the US and the world to denuclearize Iran or else,” wrote Thomas Mysiewicz on October 2, 2005.

The Jewish media outlets, such as, the Foreign Policy, Wall Street Journal, Al-Monitor, The Independent (UK), Tablet Magazine, etc. have all claimed that ISIL terrorists occupying four provinces of Iraq are funded by Saudi ‘royals’ to eliminate Iranian threat to its Sunni leadership in the Muslim world.

John Kerry, the US secretary of state, in order to show his country’s “independence” from the Zionist regime, ranted that US airstrikes to combat ISIL offensive in Iraq “may be an option”.

The UK daily Telegraph reported on June 16 that British foreign secretary William Hague, an Israel-First, has urged his Iranian counterpart that Iran should play its regional part to clear ISIL from Iraqi territory.

British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has blamed former British prime minister and Islamophobe, Tony Blair, for creating the ISIL by joining George Bush to invade Iraq on the night of Purim 2003.

On June 15, Tony Blair in a lengthy post on his personal website claimed that the on-going bloodshed in Syria and Iraq is threatening the entire region. He denied that US-UK invasion of Iraq in 2003 had anything to do with the current bloodshed in Iraq. Blair has called for a western military intervention in Iraq without direct involvement of American or British soldiers. He was suggesting to let the western poodles ruling the Middle East continue a proxy war in Iraq and Syria while the West provides arms and propaganda lies on behalf of the Zionist regime.

Responding to Blair’s flat lie, British veteran journalist and author, Alan Hart, in an open letter said: “I suggest, TB, that you didn’t give a damn about the consequences of removing Saddam Hussein because your agenda was determined by Zionism and its non-Jewish neo-con allies and associates in America. That agenda, public not secret, was removing Saddam Hussein, “rolling back” Syria and regime change in Iran. It was a grand strategy designed to guarantee that Israel would remain free to go on imposing its will on the region.”

And one more thing, TB. I think those who described you as a “Bush puppet” and an “American stooge” were wrong. You are a neo-con. And it’s my guess that you colluded with America’s neo-cons to push President Bush to war. Could that be why you and your American neo-con associates don’t want the Chilcot Inquiry to publish the transcripts of your conversations with Bush?,” added Alan Hart.

Now many Americans are waking up to the reality that like September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks the war on Afghanistan and Iraq was part of western powers agenda to destroy regional regimes which are considered threat to Israel.



One response to “Iraq: Another anti-Iran ‘proxy war’ for Israel

  1. ‘Iraq: Another anti-Iran ‘proxy war’ for Israel’
    yes, and more–it creates a fresh pretext for forays into syria

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