Eric Cantor’s defeat is a victory for Iran!

The defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Jewish) by a Tea Party challenger professor David Brat (Christian) in Virginia’s June 11 primary took Israel and Jewish Lobby by surprise. The Jewish-controlled mainstream media is full of conspiracy theories about “how” and “why” Israel’s most visible lobbyist lost his prestigious post which he used to campaign for Israel’s proxy wars against Muslim countries.

J.J. Goldberg at the Jewish Daily Forward (June 12) claimed that Eric Cantor lost because he was Jewish – and the Tea Party is controlled by conservative Christians who don’t like Jews as Republicans do.

Most talk of Jews in politics begins and ends with Israel and antisemitism. If it’s not one of those two, we are done,” says Goldberg.

Shmuel Rosner at the Jewish Journal agreed with J.J. Goldberg that Eric Cantor lost election for his “Jewishness”.

Reid J. Epstein at the Wall Street Journal (June 11) accused David Brat of prophesizing the second-coming of Adolf Hitler (and another Holocaust) in a 13-page essay titled “God and Advanced Mammon – Can Theological Types Handle Usury and Capitalism?” in 2011.

John Whitesides at the Reuters said that it was over-confidence which killed the elephant in the room.

Although support for pro-Israel and anti-Iran legislation has been overwhelmingly bipartisan, Eric Cantor has played a unique role on the GOP side of the aisle. Alexander Burns of Jewish Politico wrote: “With Cantor’s defeat, there’s no longer a point man to help organize trips to Israel for junior GOP lawmakers, as Cantor routinely did. Jewish nonprofits and advocacy groups have no other natural person in leadership to look to for a sympathetic ear. No other Republican lawmaker can claim to have precisely the same relationship with gaming billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a primary benefactor of both the Republican Party and the Republican Jewish Coalition.”

Marsha B. Cohen, a dual citizen analyst specializing in Israeli-Iranian relations and US foreign policy towards Iran and Israel has blamed the Israel Lobby for the defeat of Cantor.

Scott McConnell at the American Conservative has equated Cantor’s defeat with defeat of Netanyahu. “Cantor in 2010 more or less presented himself as Bibi Netanyahu’s congressman. Newly Elevated by the GOP House takeover as the incoming majority leader, he held a private meeting with the Likud leader at the New York Regency. No other Americans were present; Netanyahu was joined by Israel’s ambassador and national security advisor,” said Scott.

Cantor has spearheaded House opposition to Obama’s negotiations with Iran, speaking frequently of Iran in terms that echo Netanyahu. His Mideast positions track completely with Likud’s, whether it be aid to the Syrian rebels or aid to Egypt after the Sisi coup. He may be hard to pin down domestic issues, one day a moderate, another a hard rightist, but he is always a hawk—whether it be Ukraine or Syria or Iran, he will be a force pushing the most belligerent policies,” added Scott.


2 responses to “Eric Cantor’s defeat is a victory for Iran!

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  2. Khamenei ain’t taking a leak without Bibi’s permission.
    Adios cantor boy. Wow. He stepped down.
    You never know you might see him running as Republican POTUS 2016.
    Jews will amend US constitution if they have to accommodate Cantor.
    John Boehner got to get another Israeli to fuck him until he gets sober.
    It ain’t an earthquake it’s just an accident that went Streisand.
    Teeebaagerzz candidate Dave Brat conquered an Israeli TOPGUN Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is unbelievable.
    Cantor was fucking America for centuries and turned the US House and US Senate to an Israeli Brothel.
    Israelis are 1.5% of US population and they control US Congress’s 100 senators and 435 representatives.
    With all Saudi, Abu Dhabi money and Jews influence Eric Cantor squashed by Laura Ingraham who religiously polled for Dave Brat.
    “Republican Party has been paying way too much attention to Wall Street and not enough attention to Main Street,” Mr. Brat said. That’s a lot of bull he pulled to fool the unemployables.
    Wall Street goons are too happy that they’re mentioned in Brat’s campaign statement.
    Let’s see how long will he dance?
    Koch Brothers are masturbating and Sheldon Adelson who burned millions on this loser is banging his head to the floor watching a [NOBODY] kick his Virginian Jew boy Ass outta House.

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