Sultan of Brunei and the Jewish Lobby

Jewish Lobby’s War on Shari’ah continues.

Last month, Las Angeles Jewish Mayor Eric Garcetti asked his pro-Israel subjects to boycott city’s two 5-Star hotels, Beverly Hills and Bell Air for punishing Sultan Bolkiah, the ruler of oil-rich state of Brunei for his desire to rule his Sheikhdom via Islamic Shari’ah starting next year.

On June 13, 2014, UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported that country’s Holocaust Education Trust, an Israeli advocacy group, has cancelled its annual dinner at the Dorchester Hotel as part of world-wide Jewish boycott call to punish Sultan of Brunei.

Karen Pollock, Holocaust Education Trust chief executive, said: “Although the team at the Dorchester have always been nothing less than wonderful to work with, our position as a charity promoting tolerance and fighting prejudice in all forms is fundamentally at odds with the implementation of repressive and anti-egalitarian laws in Brunei. For that reason we cannot see how we can hold an event from which the Sovereign Wealth Fund and the Sultan of Brunei would benefit.”

Well we all know, the moral high ground of people like Karen Pollock doesn’t apply to Palestinians and other non-Jewish people. The organization was established by a Zionist Jew, Lord Janner, in 1988 to teach Brits the Israeli narrative of the Six Million Died and campaign for British government’s blind support for the Zionist entity.

The Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) is a Jewish ultra-Zionist outfit, charged in the UK with Shoa indoctrination and it is interested only in the Shoa of one people and one people only. Visiting Auschwitz with the HET is probably as informative as sightseeing tour in Gaza concentration camp in the company of (Israeli justice minister and former Mossad’s sex-pot) Tzipi Livni,” said Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli-born British citizen. Read more here.

It seems most of these paranoid Jews don’t know that Dorchester Collection that runs luxury hotels around the world are part of Sultan Bolkiah charity, Sovereign Wealth Fund. He doesn’t benefit from hotel profits which are re-invested into local communities. The ruler’s personal wealth from oil export is estimated to be over $131 billion.

Some readers may not be aware that prostitution, abortion, pornography and LGBT are considered “unnatural” and “undesirable” practices in Islam – and some of them are punishable under Shari’ah. But, all those activities are supported by the organized Jewry, and projected as “Jewish Values”. Read here and also watch a video below.


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