Sen. Cruz: ‘Israel to strike Iran this year!’

The Canadian-born US-Cuban Senator Rafael (Ted) Cruz, is an Israeli lackey. Recently, addressing a conference of paranoid leaders of the Jewish Institute for (Israel’s) National Security Affairs (JINSA) he said that if Barack Obama is too scared to attack Iran, Israel might be forced to go ahead alone. He said that he got that impression from his meeting with Netanyahu in Tel Aviv last month.

In my views, here is what a “responsible president” would do. A responsible president would stand up on the world stage and say, “Let me be clear: Under no circumstances the nation of Iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons capability. We will impose crippling sanctions but they will either stop or we will stop them using all available means, including if necessary direct military force,” said Cruz.

I’m afraid, either this fellow is totally moron or he is trying to fool the Jewish Lobby in a bid to get Jewish money and support for his dream of receiving GOP nomination for the 2016 presidential election.

Barack Obama not only made that pledge but also equated Jewish holocaust with Christian and Muslim religions during his speech at the UN General Assembly in September 2012.

Barack Obama, Crypto-Jew John Kerry and the so-called “anti-Semite” Chuck Hagel have repeatedly threatened Iran with “all options are on the table”. In March 2014, during an interview Obama gave to Jewish Bloomberg News Network, said he believes when the US officials threatens Iran by saying “all options are on the table,” Iranians “take it seriously.” In May 2014, defense secretary Chuck Hagel assured Netanyahu that Washington will “stand with Israel and deny Iran a nuclear capability.

But then in Ted Cruz dictionary, Iran is not the only nation which poses an “existential threat” to Israel. He expressed similar threats coming from the “dictators” ruling Venezuela and Cuba. In April 2014, Cruz demanded that John Kerry should resign for saying that Israel will become an apartheid state if it doesn’t accept the so-called “two state” solution.

The Zionist regime believes that if it ever decided to attack Islamic Republic alone, thanks to its American poodles in the Senate and Congress the White House will be forced to intercede on Israel’s behalf similar to as the US did to end the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006.

Israeli prime minister Gen. Ariel Sharon (in 2002 and 2005), Daniel Ayalon, Israeli ambassador in Washington (2003), and Israeli defense minister Gen. Ehud Barak (2005) – all called on Washington to bring a regime change in Tehran. In 2010, both Barak and Netanyahu even tried to attack Iran but Israeli military leaders refused to let Jewish soldiers die in Iran. In November 2012, Netanyahu again threatened Iran with military attacks, even if the US doesn’t go along. Last year, Gen. Moshe Ya’alon, Israeli defense minister, threatened Iran with military strikes.

In fact, Israeli and American leaders have cried “wolf” so often that Iranian leaders have stopped taking their threats seriously.

Islamic Republic’s so-called “nuclear threat” to the western world and US allies in the Middle East is part of Israeli propaganda to divert world’s attention from the Zionist regime’s neoNazi treatment of Palestinian Muslims and Christians. Since 1992, Netanyahu and Peres have repeatedly claimed that Tehran will build a nuclear weapons within a year.

Dr. Anthony Cordesman (Jewish), a military analyst with the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), an Israeli advocacy group, reported in a research paper, published in April 2013 that it’s the nuclear Israel which poses an “existential threat” to Iran and not the other way around.



One response to “Sen. Cruz: ‘Israel to strike Iran this year!’

  1. ‘I’m afraid, either this fellow is totally moron or he is trying to fool the Jewish Lobby in a bid to get Jewish money and support …’

    why, rehmat, why
    why does it have to be ‘either/or’ and not both
    even a complete moron has a certain level of cunning

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