ADL and Las Vegas shooting

I usually ignore discussing the events like the recent Las Vegas shooting because such incidents which have mostly ended up as hoaxes created by America’s Zionist mafia with the help of country’s internal security agencies which are totally Israelized.

The powerful pro-Israel advocacy group Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in a statement issued on June 9 condemned the Las Vegas shooting during which Jerad and Amanda Miller killed two police officials Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo and a civilian before taking their own lives on June 8. The ADL claimed that the two shooters were “right-wing anti-government extremists” (thanks G-d not some anti-Israel Muslim terrorists).

There was nothing exciting in ADL statement except ADL’s admission that in May 2014, ADL conducted two separate training camps for 150 law enforcement officers from the Las Vegas area and 120 officers from the National Latino Peace Officers Association conference in Las Vegas. The all-expenses-paid camps train the law-enforcement officials how to combat the so-called “anti-Semitism” (hatred against Israel and the organized Jewry) among American citizens.

It’s no secret that Las Vegas administration and its police is in the back-pocket of Casino Jewish Mughal Sheldon Adelson who is obsessed with Israel’s domination of the United States and the Muslim world.

On the other hand, ADL is headed by Abraham Foxman, one of the most prolific racist and highest paid (over $600,000 per year) Israeli lobbyist in America. The ADL participated in McCarthy’s Communist witch-hunt in the 40′s and 50′s, as well as spying on America for Israel, and even illegally tapping American’s phones in the 90′s and selling that information to the South African apartheid government. The ADL has also spied on Arab American’s funerals and given that information to the Israeli government.

In 2010, Foxman and the ADL joined hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan in their opposition to the building of a Muslim community center several blocks away from the September 11, 2001 Ground Zero site. The Muslims had every right to build there, but the ADL opposed the move because of its bigoted attitude towards them. Foxman routinely white-washes Israeli war crimes and even covers up what Nobel Peace Prize winners Bishop Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter deem an Israeli apartheid.

Abbe Foxman destroys gentiles who use their free speech to oppose Israeli crimes and also disregards the feelings of Armenian gentiles when it benefits his Jewish political interests. This racism is dangerous to the world and has far-reaching effects. For a full report on Foxman and the ADL read here.

Keeping ADL-Adelson Israeli agenda in mind, I bet readers of this post would be interested to know why NODISINFO.COM called the shooting incident being another Zionist hoax.



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