Lobby whining unites French Nationalists

On June 9, 2014, European Jewish Congress (EJC) president Moshe Kantor called on the European Parliament to strip Jean-Marie Le Pen of his immunity and for the French authorities to charge him with incitement after comments he made on a National Front video referencing ovens when asked to comment on Jewish singer and actor Patrick Bruel.

Last year, Jewish lobby groups succeeded in getting the pro-Iran French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala banned in France, England and Canada.

Israeli-born British musician, author and critic of the Zionist regime, Gilad Atzmon has long been a pain in the organized Jewry’s neck. Since his published the book, ‘The Wandering Who: A study of Jewish Identity Politics‘, he has become the most hated Jew in the West.

Moroccan-born French Jewish writer and author Jacob Cohen has long been on the hit list of French Jewish Lobby CRIF.

I believe it was Joe Sobran, who once defined the organized Jewry’s obsession with self-hatred. “An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it mean a man who is hated by the Jews.”

The Jewish lobby has ruined the political and professional career of all the above four individuals who belong to different racial backgrounds. However, Jewish hatred toward them have cemented a personal friendship between anti-immigration and white supremacist Jean-Marie Le Pen and Afro-French Dieudonne and his two Jewish admirers Atzmon and Cohen.

All four are victims of the organized Jewry. Jean-Marie Le Pen denied Holocaust and the gas chambers in 1987. Atzmon and Cohen are both critics of the Zionist regime and sympathetic toward Arabs and Muslims. Dieudonne, as an “anti-racist” even campaigned against Le Pen’s National Front party in the recent local elections.

The Dieudonne-Le Pen cooperation has irked France’s top Muslim-hating Jewish leader, Bernard-Henri Lévy, who in an Op-Ed called Dieudonne, “son of Le Pen”. Bernard-Henri Lévy in 2011 had boasted at a Jewish meeting that he convinced French president Sarkozy to invade Libya because Gaddafi had become a threat to Israel.

Today, many of Dieudonné’s numerous fans (White, Black, Arab) bleed into Alain Soral’s multiracial French nationalist metapolitical movement Égalité et Réconciliation. E&R activists, in turn, passively or actively support Le Pen’s mostly-White and anti-immigration National Front as the only credible French nationalist party. The National Front, for its part, is the only party which has not called for the persecution and a priori censorship of Dieudonné, and has defended his (and everyone else’s) right to free speech. Not union by any means, but a start,” wrote Guillaume Durocher, Occidental Observer, June 10, 2014.

The organized Jewry has long been demonizing Blacks and Nazis to hide their collaboration and exploitation of them. Watch a video below.



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