UK Jewish Lobby’s problem with Bengali Mayor

David Cameron’s ruling Conservative party’s MP from London Peter Golds is not only a Zionist Jew but also a gay. He gets very upset when someone dare to criticize the Zionist entity, LGBT Jewish values, Holocaust or exposing Zionist crimes against humanity.

Peter Golds has long-standing issues with Lutfur Rahman, the Bangladeshi Mayor of Borough of Tower Hamlets, in East London. Rahman won his second term last month despite Jewish campaign against his re-election. It’s not only the organized Jewry (British Board of Jewish Deputies), but their controlled White racist organizations like the English Defence League (EDL) and others who love to bash British non-White minorities especially Muslims for the benefits of the Zionist entity.

Last month, some White supremacist put a sign in  Bartlett Park, Poplar, which warned: “Do not walk your dog here! Muslims do not like dogs. This is an Islamic area now.” The sign is nothing but a Zionist lies. In fact, all 57 Muslim-majority countries are full of dogs of all kinds. Many Muslims own dogs as pets or for guarding their properties. In fact, Israel is the only country where a rabbinical court sentenced a dog to death by stoning. Local Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick, an Israel First, was quick to place the blame either on Muslims or English Defence League.

Peter Golds has every reason to hate leaders like Rahman who don’t mingle with the “civilized people”; makes political wrong statements and supports Islamist in their motherlands. Rahman dislikes Tony Blair, a war criminal, he supports MP George Galloway and former London Mayor Ken Livingstone but doesn’t get along with Sajid Javid, the UK Secretary for Culture, media and sports.

Commenting on Rahman’s victory, Peter Golds said that Tower Hamlets is a stage for “third world village politics”. Zionist journalist Mary Dejevsky with daily Independent, thinks the recent elections there reflects the “worst of Bangladesh”, not the “best of British”.

Peter Golds also compared Lutfur Rahman with the corrupt Conservative politician Dame Shirley Porter without realizing that the Dame is not only Jewish millionaire, she has her second residence in Israel. Her late husband  Sir Leslie Porter was once Chancellor of Tel Aviv University. Her grandson Daniel Amichai Marcus served in Israel Occupation Force (IOF).


One response to “UK Jewish Lobby’s problem with Bengali Mayor

  1. ‘not only a Zionist Jew but also a gay’
    they call that being twice blessed.

    i’d like to think that the sign about dogs did exist and that the word ‘dogs’ had an asterisk connected to a footnote that said
    ‘and you know who you are; rabid, hate-filled attack dogs, miserable lap dogs and dogs of war.’

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