India: Modi honors Gandhi’s killer

On May 28, 2014, anti-Muslim prime minister of India, Narendra Modi and his Hindutva ministers turned up to pay tributes to Vinyak Damodar Savarkar for master-minding the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on January 30, 1948. Savarkar’s mercy appeal was rejected by the British colonial regime five times. Modi has long been hailed as “the best friend of Israel in Asia” by Netanyahu and the Jewish controlled press around the world.

Sardar Patel, first home minister of independent India, held Savarkar for the murder of Gandhi, who is remembered as “Father of Nation” by hundreds of millions of Indian citizens. In a letter to the first prime minister of India, Pandit Jawaherlal Nehru, Patel wrote on February 27, 1948: “It was a fanatical wing of the Hindu Mahasabha directly under Savarkar that hatched the conspiracy (to assassinate Gandhi) and saw it through.”

Anand Ramayya and Kelly Balon even produced a documentary called “Who Killed Gandhi?”. Canadian star Gordon Pinset narrated the story behind the assassination of Gandhi in the documentary. The documentary shows the incident at the All India Radio broadcast on January 20, 1948, when a gang of Hindu extremists interrupted Gandhi’s prayers meeting ten days before his assassination. The documentary claims that Savarkar was mentor of Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Vinayak Godse. The documentary script was written by Srinivas Krisha.

In the past, Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray, who admired Adolf Hitler,and the then RSS chief Rajendra Singh have praised Gandhi’s murderer. The BJP cannot afford to openly praise Godse, but their political ideology is yet closely akin to his. Since the nineteen eighties, especially, battle has been joined between the secular ideals of Gandhi and the theocratic vision of his assassin. The perpetrators of the Gujarat violence of 2002 were certainly closer to Godse than to Gandhi. Indeed, those riots were feelingly described by the veteran Gandhian Amrutbhai Modi as ‘the second assassination of Gandhiji’.

This is another proof of common Hindutva-Jewish hatred of Gandhi, who was against the partition of historic Palestine for the European Jews.

Former New York Times executive editor Joseph Lelyveld in Gandhi’s biography ‘Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi And His Struggle With India’ – claims that Gandhi was a sexual weirdo, a political incompetent and a fanatical faddist – one who was often downright cruel to those around him.




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