Mahathir Mohamad on Jewish Lobby

mahathir[1]Former Malaysian prime minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is notorious for criticism of Israel and American democracy. He has earned several medals in return from Israel and Jewish lobby groups in United States, Canada and several European governments.

On May 18, he accused Boeing and US government for the disappearance of MH370 passenger plane. He wrote on his blog: “What goes up must come down. Airplanes can go up and stay up for long periods of time. But even they must come down eventually. They can land safely or they may crash. But airplanes don’t just disappear. Certainly not these days with all the powerful communication systems, radio and satellite tracking and filmless cameras which operate almost indefinitely and possess huge storage capacities.” My blog post on this Malaysian 9/11 can be read here.

Last month Dr. Mahathir took a shot at America’s powerful Jewish Lobby.

The most powerful lobby in the US is the AIPAC (America Israel Public Affairs Committee). It can reach the President, all members of the American Government and all Congressmen and Senators as well as their staff at any time. This lobby which was responsible for US support for the setting up of Israel and subsequent pro-Israel policies, is so powerful that candidates for President and other offices in the US Government have to literally pledge support for Israel to his lobby or they would lose in elections,” he said.

An American Congressman (Paul Findley) of five terms lost the election after he wrote a book (They Dare to Speak Out) exposing the influence of the Jewish lobby. So powerful is AIPAC that not only does it ensure US support for Israel policies but also US funding of billions of dollars to the Israel Government,” he added.

​”For the US the lobby system is totally democratic as ownership of firearms by all citizens is democratic. Malaysians would never think of condemning this system. For Malaysians, especially the liberal NGOs, and the opposition, everything and anything that is done by the US and the West are regarded as democratic. They would never condemn the US for this blatant fee-based influence-pedalling,” he said.

On September 10, 2011, Dr. Mahathir claimed that 9/11 terrorism couldn’t be the work of Muslim groups.

The planning for the 9/11 attacks must have taken a considerable length of time. The candidates had to learn to fly in tiny aircrafts. Planning to hijack four aircraft simultaneously would require great precision in timing and logistics. One aircraft maybe. But four simultaneously!! I don’t think extremists from Saudi Arabia can carry out this highly sophisticated operation with such success,” he said.

In a 2003 speech, Dr. Mahathir said that Zionist Jews rule the world by proxy and get others to fight and die for them.

In July 2013, at a session in New York, the United Nations committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People officially granted accreditation to five NGOs including Dr. Mahathir’s Perdana Global Peace Foundation. The move was condemned by Hillel Neuer, the executive director of Geneva-based Jewish lobby UN Watch. This is the same dude who got fellow Jew Dr. Richard Falk expelled from US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) in December 2012.




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