Libya and Western ‘Humanitarian mess’

Not long ago, Libyan under Qaddafi administration were enjoying many privileges which Americans and Israelis are still dreaming; free medicare, free education, free housing, interest-free banking, etc. Then Qaddafi made a big boo-boo. He asked fellow African leaders to stop borrowing from World Bank and IMF. Qaddafi created three banking institutions with $200 billion capital to fund African nations. This ‘antisemitic’ act made Qaddafi an enemy of Israel and Jews.

In order to save the world from a new Adolf Hitler, the leader of the so-called “free world” Barack Obama had no other choice but to force a regime change in Libya.

Today, I authorized the armed forces of the United States to begin a limited military action in Libya in support of an international effort to protect LIBYAN CIVILIANS and in this effort United States is acting with a broad (anti-Muslim) coalition that is committed to enforcing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, which calls for the PROTECTION of Libyan people.”

The western “humanitarian war” brought the desired pro-Zionist regime change by bribing Qaddafi generals and providing NATO no-fly zone for the western-trained Salafi thugs (jihadi militants). Qaddafi, the leader of ‘Free Africa’ was captured and murdered like a street-bully by the French-supported “jihadis”.

However, like all the western “humanitarian wars”, Libyans since their “liberation” in 2011, fear more for their lives now than under Qaddafi’s “dictatorial” regime.

This week, a battle between militants under the command of former Libyan army General Khalifa Haftar and Saudi “jihadis” left 43 people dead and 150 people wounded near Benghazi.

Europe obviously knew that there would be consequences of a “humanitarian intervention” in Libya when they collaborated with Washington. They knew how Europe would be affected in the foreseeable future, it was predictable. But they saw political and economic opportunities by removing Gaddafi from power. It is also important to understand that the US and its European partners were also concerned with Gaddafi’s plan to launch the gold dinar as a single African currency, a clear threat against the dollar and euro hegemony on the African continent. Brussels may be just following orders, after all Washington was instrumental in the creation of NATO in the first place. Either way, the people on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea will suffer at the expense of Western Imperialism and their reckless foreign policies,” says Timothy Alexander Guzman, and American writer and blogger.

In Libya the brutal end of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his regime (23 August 2011) at the hands of the armed opposition, with liberal help from the US and NATO, appears like a textbook case of a military intervention. NATO’s air support of Libya’s rebels effectively turned the uprising into an “Assisted Rebellion” against an old foe of the West (harking back to the bygone days of President Ronald Reagan), even though Gaddafi had for some time been on the road to rehabilitation. The reality is however that the Libyan intervention was nothing but a Resource War according to the Global Trade Atlas, published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), in calendar year 2010, 28% of Libya’s oil exports went to Italy, 15% to France, and 10% to Spain and Germany each. The US received only 3% of Libya’s exports. In addition, Kevin Hall of McClatchy Newspapers points out that a confidential cable released by WikiLeaks reveals that the US pressurized Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi to eradicate a deal between Italy’s partly state-owned ENI and Russia’s Gazprom, a deal that would have given Vladimir Putin access to Libyan oil and an even greater share of the European market. Falling short of directly linking NATO’s air war in Libya with the US desire to curtail the Gazprom nation that is Russia, Hall nevertheless asserts that there is a certain “correlation” between these two factors,” said Istanbul-based Dr. Can Erimtan, May 8, 2014. Read more here.

According to US (ret) Gen. Wesley Clark “humanitarian invasion” of Libya was a pre-planned regime change, authored by the powerful PNAC ZioConservatives (mostly Jewish) for Israeli Netanyahu. The other six Muslim nations on the “regime change” list are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan.


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  1. “In order to save the world from a new Adolf Hitler”–partly true even though coming out of his lying mouth. Hitler did the same in his time against usury and the Jewish global banking hydra.

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