Modi: Israel’s favorite wins election in India

The Jewish-controlled mainstream media in the US, Canada, Britain and Israel is overjoyed at the unexpected “landslide” victory of Narendra Modi, known as Butcher of Gujrat state. In 2002, Modi, as chief minister of Gujrat state supervised the Hindu fascists who murdered over 2000 Muslim men, women and children – and burned Muslim houses, shops and mosques.

The Jewish media, as usual, has portrayed India as the largest democracy while ignoring the fact that more than half of India’s population lives below poverty line. India is also world’s largest arms buyer. India’s top arms suppliers are Russia followed by Israel and United States. India-Israel cooperation includes also military exercises, sharing of intelligence, and joint academic research programs. 

Both the White House and Tel Aviv have issued invitations to Modi to visit the countries as India’s new prime minister. Modi had visited Israel as chief minister of Gujrat state in the past. Modi has been banned to enter United States and Britain for years for his genocide of Gujrati Muslims in 2002.

Modi lead anti-Muslim Hindutva racist parties against the ruling Congress Party. Israeli leaders have maintained very close ties with Hindu extremist group based on their common hatred toward Islam and Muslims. They have great expectations from Modi as the next prime minister of India against Pakistan, Iran and Hamas. Last year, India’s Union Home Minister, Sushilkumar Shinde, blamed India’s two major opposition parties, Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for promoting “Hindu terrorism” via their training camps which teach Hindus hatred toward Muslim, Christian and Sikh minorities. Mossad agents have visited these camps as instructor.

Roi Tov, an ex-Israeli citizen posted an article, entitled ‘Israel’s favored candidate wins Indian election’.

The Congress Party was never a close friend of Israel. In 1949, India voted against Israel’s admission in the United Nations, though it recognized Israel in 1950. Official relations were established only in 1991; informal ties on intelligence issues existed before. In contrast, Hindu nationalist organizations, which now reached power, supported the creation of Israel. In a world attempting to erase the notion of “nation,” replacing it with McDonaldized secular-states, the mutual support of surviving nations is expected to increase,” says Roi Tov.

Roi Tov says that such close relations have never stopped Zionist mafia in selling their new Holocaust religion.

In Southern and Southeastern Asia, two variations of swastikas are common in Hindu temples; they predate Nazi-swastikas by millennia. Yet, they were an easy target for Zionists. That is not enough for staining this old nation, thus Hebrew media reported that bookstores in India sell Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf,” says Roi Tov.

Most Indian politicians still prefer not to be seen too close to Israel from fear of alienating their Muslim voters. Modi is different,” Yediot Ahronot claimed after his historic victory.

Now, Israel is jubilant, expecting Modi to expand the relations between the countries not just on state level but on the national level.

And finally, the latest “words of wisdom” from American Jewish writer and blogger Roger Tucker that could be a lesson for the Indian voters in the future.

“When the Palestinians do finally return, as they surely will, I hope for their sake that they expel all the Jews – I call it the Algerian option. Otherwise, it will be like South Africa, with the despised Palestinians (except, of course, for the 1% of quislings at the top) slaving away for their masters. We know now that even a very small percentage of Jews would wind up running the show and getting fat on the labor of others – just look at the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, France et al. Only the direct descendants of the Palestinian Jews would be entitled to remain. But if Uri’s still alive I hope they would make an exception for him. He’s in his 80’s so it isn’t likely,” Tucker, May 17, 2014.

Listen to Indian author Arundhati Roy explaining why Israelis love Modi.


4 responses to “Modi: Israel’s favorite wins election in India

  1. Its the strangest “landslide” if it can so be called Modi”s party got just 31 percent of the mandate and his coalition NDA just 36 percent Yet they got 52 and 63 percent of the SEATS in the Lok Sabha respectively And if people think that the Congress and other Regional parties in India are not influenced by Zionist interests they are sadly mistaken—-
    Your country Pakistan too has a few zionist dummies like Goldsmith/Rothshcild son in law Imran Khan Niazi

    • Just a few clarifications.

      1. My contry is Canada and not Pakistan. I was born in British India.

      2. Imran Khan is not a Zionist though he married Lord Goldsmith’s daughter after she converted to Islam. Lord Goldsmith is not related to Rothschild family. However, as aJewish billionaire, he financed a lot of Israeli projects.

      3. The famous Pakistani Zionists were Sir Feroz Khan Noon and several Qadiani leaders like M.M. Ahmad.

  2. K So u are a Canadian from undived India and Im an Indian from “Modified India So you have Stephen Harper the mighty zion rat and I and 370 MILLION odd Indian voters (Those who didnt vote BJP) have Modi the barely literate Sangh Feuhrer to content with for 5 more years at least Sigh Guess i have to grin and bear it

    • Al-Hind (India) was creation of 1000 year Muslim rule. Before Indian sub-continent comprised of over 5000 Hindu princely states which kept killing each other. You should read Pandit Nehru’s book on Indian history.

      Yes, everyone knows that like United States, Canada is also an Israeli colony. That’s what Modi is going to accomplished during his 5-year Hindutva rule.

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