8 places Jewish women discriminated in Israel

Earlier I posted that Jewish women are not allowed to pray near the Wailing Wall, which is a myth created by Zionist occupiers of Palestine. Historically, the Wailing Wall has never been part of Temple Mount, which was destroyed twice by Romans and Persians before the appearance of Islam in Makkah. Furthermore, according to British Bishop Stephen Sizer rebuilding of Third Temple Mount is against Bible. The whole story was fabricated by the Islam-hating Zionist-mafia to insult 1.7 billion Muslims by demolishing Al-Aqsa Mosque and build a synagogue in its place.

I also posted about gender segregation in Israel. It’s common practice among the Orthodox Jewish community neighborhoods. Women are not allowed to sit beside men in buses, trains, synagogues, drive cars or to be photographed by a male.

I also posted that Jewish wives have no rights to divorce their husbands or remarry in Israel. Furthermore, widows are listed as “bastards” by the rabbinic courts.

The other day, I came across an article by Dr. Elana Maryles Sztokman, an American Jewish feminist activist, journalist and award-winning author of forthcoming book ‘The War on Women in Israel’. Her husband, Jacob Sztokman, is founder of ‘Gabrial Project Mumbai’ – an Israeli advocacy group in India. Elana was an activist with Hillel, a Jewish hasbara group at the US and Canadian Campuses.

Dr. Sztokman has listed five addition places where Jewish women are abused in Israel, such as:

1. Signs have been erected on public streets in Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, and other cities, demanding that women walk on the other side of the street.

2. Gender-segregated municipal events have been held all around the country, including Rechovot, Safed, Jerusalem,

3. Radio stations not only refuse to air women’s singing, but also refuse to allow women to be presenters, announcers or news readers, and would not let women callers speak.

4. Women were disinvited from singing in the Knesset choir.

5. As pressure mounts to induct haredi soldiers, the IDF is under pressure to keep women hidden from certain places to make the army “comfortable” for haredi men. This includes plans to build an all-male training camp. 

Last year, Shira Ben-Sasson Furstenberg, an ex-Israeli military officer and women right activist in Israel visited Canada to attend the ‘New Israel Fund’. Can you imagine one Million Canadian Muslims establishing ‘New Hamas Fund‘ in Canada? She was interviewed by Haroon Siddiqui, journalist and former editor of The Toronto Star.

The majority of Israelis have to bow down to the Orthodox monopoly, even though there’s more than one way of being Jewish,” says Furstenberg. For example, “there’s only one female rabbi on state payroll. There’s only one way to divorce. Under get laws, only the husband can give divorce. And the rabbinical courts go along with the husbands’ demands — he would not pay support or he would dictate on how the kids are to be educated. There’s a lot of blackmail,” Furstenberg told Haroon.

Jewish zealots have cursed and spat at school girls deemed immodestly dressed. Vandals have blacked out faces of women from ads on buses and billboards,” she added.

Both Sztokman and Furstenberg have blamed Israeli Orthodox Jewish communities for discrimination against women. Israeli journalist Tsafi Saar doesn’t agree with such claim. He wrote at daily Ha’aretz (December 26, 2011) that the discrimination against women in Israel is not limited within Orthodox communities – but is found among secularist Jews too.

It’s so easy to condemn and be horrified by “those benighted Haredim” and at the same time nonchalantly ignore the sexual violence that is the lot of women of all stripes, secular and religious; the wage gaps between men and women; the fact that most of the poor are women, and many other social phenomena that prove the depth of the problem – of which sending women to the back of the bus is only one manifestation, as blunt and disgusting as it is,” said Saar.

Late Israeli historian, Dr. Israel Shahak, in an article published in the Israeli newspaper Davar (March 15, 1995) claimed that discrimination practices against women and non-Jews are rooted in Jewish religious law.

The definition of term “harlot” in Jewish religious law (Torah) means any woman who is not born to a Jewish mother or a Jewish woman who had intercourse with a man she is forbidden to marry,” said Shahak.




One response to “8 places Jewish women discriminated in Israel

  1. Every community should have the right to practice its beliefs, no matter how primitive or even barbaric they are, if that’s what they want, as long as they do not in any way infringe upon the rights of others.
    I could not care less what these Jews did if they all did it in Brobidjan, a state I whole-heartedly support. It’s a shame the world does not help the Jews move there.

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