L.A. school essay on Holocaust irks Jewish Lobby

Take ten Jews today, maybe three will worship G-d, perhaps nine will worship the state of Israel, nine-point-five may worship The Jewish People but nine-point-nine-nine-nine recurring will worship Jewish suffering and the Holocaust,” Paul Eisen.

If a Holocaust can be shown to be a Zionist myth, the strongest of all weapons in Israel’s propaganda armory collapse,” Professor W.D. Rubenstein, September 1979.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles Jewish Mayor Eric Garcetti had called for the boycott of area’s two top hotels owned by Sultan of Brunei. Now he has asked state school board to censor Southern California’s Rialto Unified School District for asking its 8th-graders to write an essay on Holocaust, the new Jewish religion.

The 8th-graders were asked to do some research and write an essay explaining whether they believe the Nazis really killed six million Jews in Europe during the period 1938-44 OR it was a hoax created by the Zionist Jews to serve their world domination.

It’s not only that test asked the young students to find-out the truth behind the so-called “six million died” story which is a criminal act in 15 western nations in addition to the Zionist entity – all the three research sources provided to the 8th-graders were not kosher. One of them, The Bible Believers, has long been declared as “Jew hating conspiracy theorist” by the organized Jewry. The site claims that Holocaust was conceived by the organized Jewry to bleed Americans to death financially.

Israel continues to receive trillions of dollars worldwide as retribution for Holocaust gassings. Our country has donated more money to Israel than to any other country in the history of the world – over $35 billion per year, everything included. If not for our extravagantly generous gifts to Israel, every family in America could afford a brand new Mercedes Benz. Surely the American people would be outraged if they realized their hard-earned money is being squandered in these difficult times,” says the site.

I bet the other two “sources” didn’t include anti-Jew Joe Cortina site or Institute for Historical Review (IHR) – otherwise we must have heard ADL whining about them too.

The Jewish Lobby lead by Abe Foxman’s ADL, condemned the research project which questioned the Zionist narrative of the Holocaust. Some Jewish hooligans made a number of telephone calls to the area police – threatening to kill two Muslim staffers at the said school – Syeda Jafri and Mohammad Z. Islam, the interim school superintendent.

Both Syeda Jafri and Mohammad Z. Islam have apologized for not knowing that the school is located in a free country but in an Israeli colony.

Many Jewish writers, scholars, rabbis and politicians have either claimed that Zionist Jews are using Holocaust as a political tool to silence the criticism of Israel or Frankist (Zionist) Jews collaborated with Nazis and committed Holocaust of Christians, Gypsies and Jews. Some of them include, Israeli author Barry Chamish, professor Finkelstein, Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, late chief rabbi of Toronto, Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, French historian, Pual Eisen, British writer and blogger, Shulamit Aloni, late Israeli cabinet minister, Rabbi Moishe Friedman, who called Holocaust “a successful fiction”, and Roger Tucker, American writer and blogger.



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