L.A. Jewish Mayor boycotts Muslim Hotels

Sultan-of-Brunei-hajihassanalbolkiah[1]L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti (Jewish) and his Attorney General Mike Feuer (Jewish) joined by Jewish councilmen Paul Kortez and Mike Bonin announced that they will boycott two of area’s most prestigious hotels, Beverly Hills and Bell Air. Both hotels are owned by Brunei Investment Agency, an arm of the Brunei government. The hotels are part of London-based Dorchester Collection of high-end hotels owned by Brunei government headed by Sultan Bolkiah. In 2008, Jewish Forbes magazine listed Bolkiah among the top 15 wealthiest ‘royals’ with net worth $131 billion.

The City kosher official decided to punish the Sultan for adopting antisemitic Islamic Shari’ah laws in his tiny Sheikhdom.

I will not set foot in either the hotel Bel-Air or Beverly Hills Hotel until this (Shari’ah) issue is resolved. The Brunei government’s recent adoption of a barbaric panel code cannot stand. I call upon all the people of Los Angeles to join this boycott,” thundered the Zionist Jew Feuer.

Eric Garcetti and Mike Feuer also claimed that Shari’ah criminal law calls for stoning and flogging for adultery, abortion and same-sex relationship.

I’m sure the morons never read their Holy Talmud or Torah that calls divorced wife adulteress and even allows a dog stoned to death.

As Jews, these officials are part of the 90% Jews who support abortion according to 2013 PEW Poll. And they have every right to say that because abortion industry is led by Jews. As for the “same-sex relationship” is concerned, Jewish lesbian professor Sarah Schulman says LGBT rights movement is Jewish.

I’m surprised these Jewish bigots forgot to include whisky and gambling among Shari’ah “barbaric panel code”. It is just possible that they already knew that these two anti-human activities are monopolized by their Jewish brothers.

The Jews are masters of the whiskey trade in the United States. Eighty per cent of the members of the National Liquor Dealers’ Association are Jews. It has been shown that 60 percent of the business of distilling and wholesale trade in whiskey is in the hands of the Jews,” John Foster Fraser in his 1916 book ‘The Conquering Jew’.

Hervé Ryssen in his book, ‘The Jewish Mafia’ says that Jews control gambling, liquor, drug trafficking and human parts harvesting industries are controlled by Jews. Read here.

Earlier on Monday, the 101% Jewish Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) announced it will refuse to do business with hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei or his government. What “government” you stupid? The Sultan is “the government”. MPTF anti-Brunei campaign is led by lesbian comedian Ellen Degeneres, Jay Leno (Jewish Bill Maher called him “like Israel”, in March 2014), British billionaire and Israel-Firster Sir Richard Branson, and the Save Darfur fame, actor George Coolney.

The Jewish Feminist Majority Foundation has also canceled its annual Global Women’s Rights Awards at Beverly Hills Hotel. I wonder when these Jewish women rights groups would do something to liberate their Jewish sisters from discrimination in Israel and United States. Read here and here.

The decision to implement the (Shariah penal code) is not for fun but is to obey Allah’s command as written in Holy Qur’an,” the sultan said last week.

 Christopher Cowdray, the chief executive of Dorchester Collection, said that those protesting have ignored local hotels owned by (Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel) countries with poor human rights record and that a boycott would ultimately hurt the local economy and not state of Brunei.

Jewish Lobby blasted Queen of England for taking her ‘royal shoes’ off before entering the mosque inside Bolkiah Palace. The Islamophobe Queen Beatrix of Netherlands also visited Bolkiah Palace last year.

On April 22, powerful Jewish lobby group, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), published Tony Johnson’s article Sharia and Militancy with the usual anti-Islamic crap. Interestingly, though the author acknowledged that majority of people surveyed by Gallup 2008 in Iran, Egypt and Turkey – choose Islamic Shari’ah for governance. However, he still had the nerves to blame Islamic Shari’ah for the current militancy within some Muslim countries and not the policies and the terrorist actions of the western powers, Israel and India. Read my response the anti-Shari’ah bigot here.

Brunei, a former British Southeast Asian colony of 400,000 Muslim citizens run by British educated Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, announced last week to implement Islamic Panel Code during the next two year in phases. Brunei borders South China Sea and Muslim-majority Malaysia.



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