Hindutva terrorists kill 32 Muslims in Assam

zionism[1]Western media has blamed Bodo tribesmen for the latest terrorism in Assam state neighboring Bangladesh in which 32 Muslims were gunned down in three days. However, facts on ground tell a different story. For example, why Bodo militants (5%) always target Muslim minority (31%) and not the ruling Hindu majority (64%) – considering Indian and western media claim that Bodo militants want an autonomous state or total independence from Hindu India.

India’s Home Minister Kapil Sibal and Assam Youth Congress president Piyush Hazariks have blamed BJP for the latest Muslim massacre in Assam.

This is not the first time Bodo militants were blamed for killing Muslims in Indian state of Assam. In July 2012, 32 Muslims were killed and several dozens more wounded. The Hindu rioters burned 60 Muslim villages and made 70,000 Muslim and Hindu villagers to take shelter in government-run shelters. The opposition BJP party blamed Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants for the violence and termed it “communal”. However, the Assam police chief claimed that clashes were ethnic.

The Hindu extremist parties (Hindutva) lead by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has put butcher of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, as their man for the next prime minister of India. Modi’s image is tinted with Muslim blood so much that his guru and former vice-prime minister of India, Lal Krishna Advani has quit all party positions and become an adversary of Modi. Since 2009, when Advani lead BJP to gain significant seats at both state and central level, the party’s popularity is in decline and Hindutva parties are not expected to win necessary majority to farm the next government without the blessing of the ruling Indian Congress Party.

Modi is supported by the pro-Israel Hindu fascists and American Jewish Lobby for obvious reasons. The New York-based Jewish International Business Times called Narendra Modi, “Israel’s best friend in South Asia”.

On June 11, 2013, Jewish The Diplomat wrote: “If Modi were to become PM, expect ties with Israel – already a key defense partner – to expand dramatically. While it was a Congress government that established diplomatic ties with Israel in 1992, it was under a BJP-led government from 1999 to 2004 that Indian ties with the Jewish State blossomed. This period lead critics to believe that this was not just a security partnership but also a relationship with strong religious and ideological moorings.”

Indian Muslims traditionally vote for the Indian Congress Party at national level. Some Muslim political parties only exist at state level. This has made Muslims target of Hindu extremists during every Indian election.

India’s Tehelka Magazine published a report, in January 22, 2011, which claimed that most of terrorist activities for which New Delhi blamed Indian Muslims or neighboring Pakistan, were in fact carried out by Hindutva parties with the help of local police and Israeli Mossad.

The report named Indresh Kumar (RSS), Swami Asimananda, head of Shabri Dham, Sunil Joshi (RSS), Sundeep Dange (RSS), Ram Chandra Kalsangra (RSS), Shivam Dhakhad (RSS), Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit, who visited Israel as Mossad guest, Devendra Gupta (RSS), Lokesh Sharma (RSS), Bharat Rateswar, a Hindu extremist, MP Yogi Amityanath (BJP), Dr. Ashok Varshnay (RSS), Rajesh Mishra (RSS) and Sudhakar Dhar Dwivedi, head of a Hindu Ashram in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Assam has long been part of Bengal state under Muslim rule and later under British Raj. It was partitioned in 1905 as result of All India Congress campaign as it feared the Muslim majority in the historic Bengal. In 1947, the modernized western part of Bengal joined India as result of Hindu majority, and eastern part of non-developed Bengal joined Pakistan based on Muslim majority. In 1971, Indian army with the help of the US, Russia and Israel created Bangladesh.

 On August 19, 2009, John Kaminsky co-authored and article with Arun Shrivastava (India), entitled, ‘Second Israeli state emerging in India’. Read the article here.

North of India and east of Bangladesh is shrouded by the awful memory of what has come to be known as the Nellie Massacre, when in 1983 over 1500 Muslims were hacked to death after being promised it was safe to vote by Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi. Numerous government inquiries produced no perpetrators and no motives, so typical in a government investigation when that government is controlled by Jews. Relations between India and Israel have warmed considerably in recent years. The Nellie slaughter looked like a manipulated false flag massacre because Muslims and the indigenous Tiwas are not enemies. And it resembles the 9/11 coverup in the United States, where a major false flag operation was also blamed on Muslims,” claimed the authors.


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  1. A detailed Research and Analysis on the Myth of Illegal Immigration of Bengali Muslims from Bangladesh into Assam and Massacre of Innocent Muslims in Bodoland.

    Read Here: http://www.islamilm.com/2014/05/Myth-Bangladeshi-Muslim-Massacre-Assam.html

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