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Rutgers University says NO to Condi Rice


 In January 2014, Rutgers University president Dr. Robert L. Barchi invited former US secretary of state, Israel-Firster Condoleeza Rice as a keynote speaker at the May 18 Commencement ceremony and receive $35,000 and an honorary Rutgers doctoral degree.

The university students and some faculty groups staged protests against Barchi’s decision to select a war criminal to speak at the event.

Yesterday, in order to avoid facing possible “shoe throwing” incident during her speech, Dr. Rice informed Barchi that she would rather lose $35,000 than face an angry mob.

The news has irked the Jewish-control mainstream media which blamed the pro-Palestine Muslim students and Leftist faculty members for not allowing Dr. Rice her freedom of speech rights at the campus.

Barchi has defended his decision to invite Condi and stated his disappointment at her decision to back-down under pressure from university graduates.

In December 2013, Rutgers University rejected American Studies Association (ASA) call for the boycott of Israeli universities as result of campaign by the NJ State Association of Jewish Federations.

Dr. Rice along with other Zioconservatives (mostly Jewish) played a major role in the invasion of Iraq based on several lies which are currently propagated against Iran to start a new war for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

Condoleeza Rice visited Israel in 2000 for the first time. Later she gave an interview to Israeli daily Yediot Aharnot saying she “already then felt that I am returning home despite the fact that this was a place I never visited”. She also told the daily, “I have a deep affinity with Israel”. Ms Rice is daughter of a Presbyterian priest and “was brought up on the very moving stories of the Holy Land. They mean a lot to me. When I first visited Mt. Olives, Lake Kinneret, Jerusalem, I felt a very deep emotional experience,” she said.

She thinks “that we, Israel and the US share common values,” and that the “security of Israel is the key to the security of the world”. However, in her Zionist self-denial, she did not tell her Israeli readers that the security of 4.5 million foreign Jews lies in the security of 4 million native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. In fact Ms Rice needs security for her is a forlorn life. No marriage, no children, no boyfriend, no living parents, no siblings! She must, therefore, first get hold of the key to her own Presbyterian spiritual sanctuary instead of lecturing others about ‘American values’.

Our present challenge is not China or Brazil or India, and certainly not Europe. The challenge is the United States gone bad,” Rice told a packed Belk Theater on the Campus of Queen University in Charlotte (NC). While she was speaking inside, a group of Campus students protested outside carrying banners “Convict Condi for her war crimes“.

On February 11, 2014, Amani Al-Khatahtbey, founding editor-in-chief, Muslim Girl in an Op-Ed at Zioncon mouthpiece, HuffingtonPost, claimed that there is no freedom of speech at the Rutgers Campus, especially at its daily newspaper, The Daily Targum, which is totally censored by pro-Israel Jewish groups. Amani is former opinions editor of The Daily Targum – and no antisemite. She received the Daniel Pearl Scholarship from her hometown synagogue for her work in bringing Jewish and Muslim communities together.

Last semester, after Rutgers Students for Justice in Palestine passed out mock eviction notices on campus to raise awareness of Palestinian home demolitions, the Targum’s board of trustees – on which Rabbi Ester Reed’ (director Campus Israel lobby group Hillel) mother is a voting member – was in direct communication with Hillel over how they wanted the editorial content in my section to be published. They wanted me to publish a pro-Israel letter at the time of their choosing to benefit from increased readership – an advantage that no other on – or off-campus organization receives. I was threatened with termination if I did not oblige the overbearing influence they were exerting over my editorial decisions,” wrote Al-Khatahtbey.