FBI: ‘American Muslim could get hit by a car’

Last week, James B. Comey Jr, director Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) addressed Israel lobby group ADL’s National Leadership Summit in Washington DC. In order to please the powerful Jewish Lobby, Comey highlighted the recent Kansas shooting in which Frazer Glenn Cross, Jr. the 73-year-old White American killed three people believing them to be Jewish. Ironically, some Jewish group blamed American Jewish author Max Blumenthal for inspiring Cross’ hatred toward Jews. However, Comey could not dare to mention that in an earlier report FBI had claimed that American Jews were involved in more terrorist acts (7%) against Americans than American Muslims (6%).

Blumenthal in December 2011 article had claimed that America’s internal security agencies have totally been Israelized.

Last year, in order to help Jewish myth of victimization, the FBI produced a fake report claiming that Americans hate Jews more than they hate Muslims.

Nick Baumann has just posted horrible news at Mother Jones about Naji Mansour, an American Muslim, whose life was turned upside down when he refused to become FBI informant and spy on fellow American Muslims. After being detained, repeatedly interrogated and ultimately forced to exile in Sudan. He was separated from his wife and children for years. He was imprisoned in South Sudan for 37 days. When released from prison, a FBI agent approached Mansour again. It was then that Mansour began recording his telephone conversations with FBI agent. In one of these conversations, Mansor was threatened that if he didn’t work as an informant, “You might get hit by a car.”

On May 2, Naji Mansour was interviewed at Democracy Now! channel where he told his persecution at the hands of Israeli-trained FBI agents. Watch the video below.

FBI AGENT: If you did have any kind of business going on today or any kind of things like that, you’re going to find how miniscule and worthless it was compared to this fork in the road that you’re about to—that you’re about to take.

NAJI MANSOUR: What are you talking about? No, why don’t you come out and say it?


NAJI MANSOUR: Why don’t you come out and say? What fork in the road are you talking about?

FBI AGENT: Dude, it’s – whatever. Honestly, I don’t care. I’m getting out of here. I don’t care. OK? And it’s—you know, when I tell somebody, “Hey, you know what? If you cross the street without looking, you’re going to get run over,” that’s not a threat, [bleep]; that’s advice [bleep], OK? You’re about to cross the street without looking both ways, and I’m telling you, “You know what? You might get hit by a car.” That is not a threat. That is a solid piece of the advice. So you don’t want to take it.


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