Holocaust visits Yad Vashem museum

Israeli playwright and actress Natali Cohen Vaxberg has posted an eye-opener video at the You Tube. She plays the part of “Holocaust” in the video which was filmed in front Israel’s Holy Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in occupied Jerusalem.

In the video Vaxberg tries to pull the Israeli Jews out of their self-denial mentality surrounding Holocaust. Watch her great performance below.

I’m the Holocaust, the best thing ever happened to you,” she said “After all these years, I deserve a round of applause.”

How could you justify 1948 and 1967 without me?,” she said. “Who deserves credit for enabling you to place three million people in a ghetto without the superpowers bombing you? Do you think you can get along without me?,” she added.

Has Frankenstein taken revenge on his creator? Where you learned this from? The bigger you grew, the more your memory shrinks. Where you learned to gather people into concentration camps on the basis of their ethnic background? I’m your truth,” she said.

Several bigots who could not face the truth coming from a cursed woman have asked Israeli attorney-general Yehuda Weinstein to indict Vaxberg for antisemitism.

In September 2012, US president Barack Hussein Obama during his speech at the UN General Assembly, declared Holocaust as new Jewish religion by comparing it with Christianity and Islam.

Holocaust being a Jewish creation – only Jews are allowed to make fun of it. Read here.

The successive Zionist regimes have used Yad Vashem to sell European Jewish victimization and hatred toward Arabs. The only Palestinian presence inside the museum is a picture of Mufti Amin al-Husseini, who was forced to flee to Germany by the British Mandate authority for putting a resistance to illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine. During his stay in Germany, Mufti met Hitler and some of his top aides – and pleaded with them to stop Jewish immigration to Palestine. However, there is no mention of the 9000 Palestinians who served in British army during WW II, or the 233,000 North African Muslims who fought along the French army to save Jews.

Holocaust has become Israel’s greatest PR to shield, 1) Zionist collaboration with Nazis, 2) lock-in 6 million figure without some solid proof, and 3) hide the fact that the mass killing of Jews was carried out by Europeans in Europe – but Palestinians are made to pay for the European crimes.


2 responses to “Holocaust visits Yad Vashem museum

  1. — This video is saying about Israel: This is the house that Godess Holocaust built.” Yes and no.
    The Balfour declaration placed the corner stone, the British mandate prepared the ground, Truman signed the birth certificate (in exchange for an election he could not bear to lose) and so on. The Holocaust did not even become the full-fledged (nor was it referred to as such) until the early 60s.
    Tp whom is it addressed? My guess is to the huge block of Russian (former Soviet) Jews who had been busy running the gulags and this unavaialble for the “Holocaust.” Perhaps they need to be reminded to acknowledge and pay proper respect to the importance of it for the almost universally deplored existence of the judeozionist state. If so, this harrangue is an internal Jewish squabble

  2. sorry about the typos–hope they don’t impede comprehension

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