Kerry does ‘Teshuvah’ but refuses to resign

Kerry_and_Abbas_peace_threats[1]Jewish media has claimed that US secretary of state John Kerry has apologized to his Jewish brothers for warning the Zionist entity becoming an apartheid state like South Africa if it failed to resolve its differences with PA president Mahmoud Abbas.

Kerry did ‘Teshuvah’ after he was chased by the organized Jewry lead by AIPAC. In a statement released by the State Department, Kerry lashed out against “partisan political” attacks against him, but acknowledged his comments last week to a closed international forum could have been misinterpreted. While he pointedly did not apologize for the remarks, he stressed he was, and is, a strong supporter of Israel, which he called a “vibrant democracy.” He said his remarks were only an expression of his firm belief that a two-state resolution is the only viable way to end the long-running conflict. And, he stressed, he does not believe Israel is, or is definitely track to become, an “apartheid state.”

There is no secret to the truth that being a Crypto-Jew, Kerry loves Israel. But his belief in Israel being a “vibrant democracy” is laughable. Some radical Zionist Jews like Marianne Williamson and IIan Pappe have admitted that Israel is not a democracy. Read more here.

I must confess, though, Kerry does have some Jewish ‘masada’ left in him to defend his ‘fame and fortune’. He has refused to resign from his post as demanded by the organized Jewry lead by Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz.

The Emergency Committee for Israel called upon Obama to fire Kerry. “On Friday, John Kerry raised the specter of Israel as an apartheid state. Even Barack Obama condemned the use of this term when running for president in 2008,” said ECI statement.

Kerry never called Israel “apartheid state”. What he meant was that as a “unitary state” (Israel + Gaza, West Bank and Jordan Valley) Israel will lose its demographic position as a “Jewish state” – and if still insisted to be governed as a “Jewish state”, it will become an “apartheid state” in the eyes of the world.

The Zionist regime’s jerk reaction to Fatah-Hamas reconciliation last week has frustrated not only John Kerry but also Mahmud Abbas. On April 25, the Jew York Times called Hamas “a Devil”.

There is good circumstantial evidence to suggest that it will indeed be Hamas that will be making more of the concessions in any bridging of gaps between it and the PLO. Although the unity announcement reflects weakness of both of the Palestinian parties, Hamas is currently the weaker of the two, in the wake of the Egyptian military’s coup and campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s resumption of participation in the strangulation of Gaza,” wrote Paul R. Pillar, former CIA analyst, on April 24.


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