Miliband hires Obama’s Jewish election Guru

Here is the latest proof that Western political system is so corrupted that no political party or politician can expect an election victory without the blessings from the Kosher Lobby especially in the US, France, Australia, Germany and Britain.

Britain Opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has hired David Axelord to lead party’s campaign ahead of the coming general elections in May 2015. Axelord will help shadow foreign secretary and party’s top election strategic, Douglas Alexander, a Zionist Christian who had blasted former London Mayor Ken Livingstone for calling Michael Andrew Gov, the education secretary, a Zionist Israeli poodle on Iran’s Press TV.

David Axelord’s father, a Romanian Jewish immigrant hanged himself in 1974 when David was 19-year-old.

Earlier this month, Ed Miliband paid his very first visit to the Zionist entity as UK’s opposition leader. During an address at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Ed Miliband called the Islamic Republic a global threat.

 “It isn’t just Israel’s concern, it isn’t just a regional concern, it is a very significant global concern,” he noted.

As expected, people at the British Fabian Society are very happy to have another Zionist Jew on board the Jewish-controlled Labour Party. The party has been in contact with senior members of Barack Obama’s Jewish-control campaign team behind his election and re-election.

On April 2, 2014, British MP Michael Dugher, a member of ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ welcomed David Axelord being party’s leading campaigner. On February 7, 2014, Dugher at the Jewish Chronicle claimed that criticism of Israel and Zionism is “old-fashioned antisemitism”. On April 2, 2014, Dugher wrote: “Taking a lead from Obama campaigns over the last decade, a quiet revolution has begun in the way Labour is readying our communications to fight the next election. We don’t plan to fight 106 different campaigns in our key seats, but more like 400,000 individual campaigns based on the approximate number of people that will determine the winner of those seats. Today we require more data and information, more understanding of what drives people to vote and a psychological move away from the simplistic ideas of the past where we send out mass mailings and leaflets with the same content across the country. We need to reach voters in ways that are in line with their values, aspirations and everyday lives.”



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