Tehran’s Int. Shakespeare Conference

WilliamShakespeare[1]The University of Tehran has announced that it will be holding Iran’s first conference on world famous British play-writer, poet and novelist, William Shakespeare. The one-day conference will be held on October 22, 2014. It will be chaired by two Iranian scholars of Shakespearean work, professors Maryam Beyad and Ismail Salami (University of Tehran).

Shakespeare was author of 38 plays, 154 sonnets and two long narrative poems.

Famous British Shakespearean scholar Dr. Martin Lings (died 2005), who later converted to Islam and penned a biography on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), revealed in his book Shakespeare in the Light of Sacred Art (1998) that mysticism is clearly discernible in the works of Shakespeare.

No objective intelligence can be blind to the dazzling signs of God-given truth that Islam carries with it throughout its history,” said Martin Lings, PhD.

I bet the organized Jewry is not going take the conference as a literary event – based on their record of vicious attacks over Tehran’s Int. Holocaust (2006) and Int. Hollywoodism (2011) conferences in the past.

The organized Jewry has declared Shakespeare a “Jew hater aka antisemite” based on his famous play, The Merchant of Venice. The villain in the play, by the name Shylock, the Jewish money-lender who seeks” a pound of human flesh” from a Christian merchant who is unable to repay him.

Last year, Jewish novelist Howard Jacobson announced to re-write The Merchant of Venice in order to delete Jewish hatred from the play. “For an English novelist, Shakespeare is where it all begins. For an English novelist who also happens to be Jewish, The Merchant of Venice is where it all snarls up,” said Jacobson.

In March 1974, then president of powerful Israel lobby group, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Benjamin R. Epstein blasted ABC-TV for showing The Merchant of Venice movie, starring Sir Lawrence Olivier as Shylock.

It is a classic antisemitic drama which has caused incalculable harms to the Jewish people over centuries,” said Epstein as reported by JTA on March 19, 1974.

Interestingly, John Hudson, a Jewish authority on Shakespearean literature claims that Shakespeare was in fact an Italian woman livening in England whose ancestors were Jewish from Morocco. I bet this will make 25,000 Jews living mostly in Tehran, very excited.

In 2012, the British Jewish Lobby (Board of Deputies of British Jews) blasted Royal Lyceum theatre in Edinburgh over flyers advertising its play, The Merchant of Venice. The flyers show Shylock dressed in the costume of an Orthodox Jew (see below) with the message: “And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?


3 responses to “Tehran’s Int. Shakespeare Conference

  1. How many Jewish people do you know? How many Christians do you know? How many Muslims do you know? Have you ever studied Judaism, Christianity or Islam? If you had, you wouldn’t be saying the things you do. There are good Jewish people, good Christian people and good Muslim people. There are also bad Jewish people, Christian people and Muslim people. Which one are you? Are you trying to bridge and bring people together by learning more about them? Or tear the world apart by staying in your own small world? You have a choice.

    • Well Moshe, your hasbara ignorance really amused me. But for other readers who could be new this blog,

      I’m a full-time graduate from a Catholic Mission in Pakistan.

      I learned Islam by studying Murshid Maududi, Sayyed Qutb, Dr. Ali Shari’ati, Imam Khomeini, Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah and Dr. Martin Lings. I had been a senior member of Muslim Student Association both in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

      I learned Judaism by reading good Jews like Gilad Atzmon, Robert Tucker, Paul Eisen and Dr. Richard Falk, Henry Makow PhD – and evildoers like Abram Foxman, Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Netanyahu, David Milliband, Bill Kristol, and hundreds more.

      My blog is to expose the evil Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians. I have no problem with any religion – what I hate are the people who distort religions – and people like you are willing to sell their mothers for money.

      I hope the above would clear the mist on your eye-glasses!

  2. “Have you ever studied Judaism, Christianity or Islam?” Are you implying you have? The how come you skipped over the Talmud? Neither Christianity nor Islam claims that their followers (by maternal descent, one more hurdle…) are “chosen” and the rest of mankind are subhumans “put on this earth to serve” the chosen. Are you peeing on the Talmud?!?

    “There are good Jewish people, good Christian people and good Muslim people,” you say, just as there are bad ones. Of course this is true, just as it is true that there are benign tumors and malignant tumors. So, shall we NOT differentiate and attempt to identify them? Shall we pretend it is a random occurrence?
    Not all Jews commit grand larceny, are oligarchs or fraudsters. But among these felons, Jews are the overwhelming majority (7 out of 8 in Russia!). Not all Jews are involved in organ trafficking, the prostitution racket or the pornographic industry. But those industries are overwhelmingly Jewish-owned. Not all Jews in the “diaspora” are traitors and/or spies against their native countries, but the majority of the worst of them have been Jews.
    It’s a simple percentage calculation that even a dumb Goy can master. Can’t you?
    What is it about Jewish identity that predisposes the chosen to these traits? Some–in fact many — Jews react to this question with aggression, trying to make it seem that it is, not a bona fides question worthy of study, but an irrational manifestation of the hate the whole rest of mankind supposedly has for their tribe. Are you one of them?

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