Lobby: Taliban could be Jewish!

The Zionists’ thirst for finding new Jewish tribes never stops. Jewish Bible (OT) has put its claim on 12 Israelite tribes based on the 12 sons of prophet Jacob (Israel).

Jewish historian Arthur Koestler in his 1976 book, ‘The Thirteen Tribes’ suggested that prophet Israel could have 13 sons. However, I think Hannah Michaels hit the nail when he claimed that America is the 13th tribe of Israel.

In 2007, IIene R. Prusher, an associate editor The Christian Science Monitor, a Zionist propaganda newspaper, claimed she shared her Seder with her Afghan driver in Kabul – and was surprised to learn that several Afghan tribes (Pashtun, Afridi, Hazara, Tajik, etc.) have Jewish roots based on several common traditions and Hebrew words still part of Pashtu language.

Was I to believe that the likes of Mullah Omar – the Taliban luminary who ordered public executions and floggings, made burka-wearing law, and gave succor to Osama bin Laden—possessed even a molecule of Jewish ancestry?,” wrote Prusher.

It seems Prusher never heard of Jewish butchers, such as, David Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin, Shamir, Gen. Dayan or Gen. Ariel Sharon.

Yasmin Eliaz (a Bahai I suppose), is a Master student at the Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv and a research assistant at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. On April 10, 2014, she posted an article at Jewish Moment magazine, claiming that Pashtun people living in Afghanistan and Pakistan have common historical, linguistic, and cultural similarities with Jewish people.

However, someone living among Pushtun for years in Karachi, I must say Ms Eliaz never met a Pashtun in her life.

Eliaz claims that Pashtuns light candles on Friday night, separate meat and dairy, and covers graves with stones which are common practices among Jewish communities. In reality, Pashtuns, majority of whom live in villages or caves, light candles each night – because they don’t have access to electricity. Separation of meat and dairy is common among practicing Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and India. I have seen some Pashtun graves covered with stones in Pakistan’s tribal areas – but didn’t find them in Jewish graveyards in Toronto, Jerusalem or New York.

Saturday in Pashtu is called Shanbay and Hebrew, Shabbat – the holy day of the week for Jews. During Shabbat, Jews are commanded to abstain from labor and reflect. Shabbat is the Jewish symbol of loyalty for God. In Pashtu, Sabat means loyalty, and on Shanbay work is also not allowed,” said Eliaz.

No day of week is “holy” among Pashtun, who are 101% Muslims. They all work on Saturdays. However, some of them take Friday off for the weekly special afternoon prayers. On Shabat, only Orthodox Jews abstain from work while the rest of Jewish business is open on Saturdays in many places in the US, UK and Canada.

Eliaz being an Israeli citizen should know better that a great majority of Israeli rabbis have said that Jewish “G-d” is different from Muslims’ Allah.

In Pashtu, names of God are known as Khudai; while in biblical Hebrew God is referred to as (El) Shadai. The Jewish prayer shawl (talit) issue also has a great resemblance to the Pashtu/Urdu word tolia which means towel,” claims Eliaz.

That is ridiculous. In Pashtu, two common words for “God”, are Allah (Arabic) and Khuda (Persian). “Tolia” is not a shawl. Bath towel is called “tolia” – while shawl is called “chaudar” in Pashtun.

There are probably more common words, names and phrases between the Pashtu, which belongs to western Iranian language group, and Hebrew which belongs to west Semitic language group. And yet both groups still have much in common, as the Pashtuns originate from the lost tribes of Israel,” concludes Eliaz.

Both Urdu and Pashtun languages are greatly influenced by “Iranian language groups”, which happen to be influenced by Arabic language since late 7th century when Arab army conquered Persia. Persians mostly belong to Aryan race though some of them may have Semite roots. However, according to Israeli historian, Dr. Eran Elhaik, a great majority of current Jews are NOT Semitic people.


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  1. Well yes they are supposedly Jewish. I noticed your piece on Kenny’s.



    Pathans As the Descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel

    In Afghanistan and Pakistan, there also live people called Pathans numbering about 15 million. They live mainly in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as in Persia and India. Most of them are Muslims but they have a tradition of being of the Lost Tribes and have Israeli customs.
    According to a book written by Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, the Pathans have custom of circumcision on the 8th day. This is a known Jewish custom, and is the oldest Jewish tradition. Rabbi Tokayer once told me that he had witnessed and been present at a very joyous circumcision ceremony on the 8th day after birth among the Pathans. Muslims have custom of circumcision but it is not on the 8th day, usually at the age of 12.
    The Pathans have a sort of small Tallit called Kafan. This is a 4 cornered garment which they tie strings similar to the fringes (Jews call them Tzitzit) and is one of the oldest Jewish traditions going back to the Torah and it is a sign of their Israeli origin.

    The Pathans have custom of the Sabbath, Israeli tradition of the day of rest. On the Sabbath they do not labor, cook or bake. The Pathans prepare 12 Hallot (traditional Jewish bread, Leviticus 24:5) in honor of the Sabbath as was done in the ancient Israeli temple. One of the significant indicators proving the Israeli origins of the Pathans is the lighting of the candle to honor the Sabbath. After lighting, the candle is covered usually by a large basket. The candle is lit by a woman past her menopause. This is the same as Israeli custom.

    Pathans have custom of Kosher, dietary laws same as Jews. Pathans do not eat horse or camel meat, which is most common in their area but forbidden to Jews. There is some evidence to their not eating meat and milk together which is also an ancient Israeli tradition. And they have a tradition regarding differentiating between pure and impure birds which means permitted and not permitted birds similar to the Torah.

    Some still wear a small box which Jews call Tefilin (phylactery) containing a verse of the Bible. This box resemble Japanese Tokin of Yamabushi’s forehead, too, which I will mention later. This is an ancient custom of Israel. In the Jewish box there is the verse of Shema Israel, that is, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one!” (Deuteronomy 6:4) This custom of Tefilin came from a verse of the Scriptures, “You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes” (Deuteronomy 6:8).

    It is interesting to note that the Pathans retain family names of the Lost Tribes such as Asher, Gad, Naphtali, Reuben and Manasseh and Ephraim. Among them there are people who are called by these names, which are of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. There are also people who are called Israel, Samuel, and so on, which are never found among the Muslims.

    The Pathans were mostly called “Bani-Israel” meaning children of Israel even though they live today as devout Muslims.
    The legal system which is known as Pashtunwali, the law of the Pashtu, is very similar to the Torah, which is the holiest Jewish book and the book of ancient Jewish way of life. There are pages and even complete books among the Pathans and they honor greatly what is called Tavrad El Sharif (the Torah of Moses), and they rise at the mention of the name of Moses even though it is not important in Islam.

    Besides the oral tradition related by the elders of the tribe, there are also interesting testimonies of keeping of scrolls of genealogy among the tribes, reaching back to the Fathers of the Jewish nation. These scrolls are well preserved and some are written in gold on the skins of a doe.

    No less interesting and significant are the names of the tribes which bear close resemblance to the Tribes of Israel. The Rabbani Tribe is really Reuben, the Shinware Tribe is Simeon, the Lewani Tribe is Levi, The Daftani Tribe is Naphtali, and the Jaji Tribe is Gad, and the Ashuri Tribe is Asher, The Yusefsai Tribe is children of Joseph, and the Afridi Tribe is really Ephraim. These are the names of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.
    The Pathans themselves point out the differences between the original names of the tribes and their present names are because of the different dialects of the languages so that, for instance, Jaji was actually called Gaji for the tribe of Gad.

    Women of the Pathans keep laws similar to the Jewish laws regarding menstruation. During this time and for 7 days after, no contact is allowed with the husband. After this period, the woman immerses in a river or spring or in a bathhouse if a natural spring is not available. This is exactly the same as the Israeli tradition going back to the days of the Bible.

    • “Muslims have custom of circumcision but it is not on the 8th day, usually at the age of 12.” – Who was the idiot who told you that?

      I was told, I had circumcision when I was one week old. My son had circumcision in Canada the very day he was born. The same goes for my grandson. According to Islamic traditions, a Muslim boy is circumcised within a week of his birth, depending on family circumstances. Unfortunately, after the spread of Islam in Africa, the pagan custom of female circumcision is practiced by some African Muslim families which is also practiced among some African Jewish and Christian families.

      Having said that – I suggest you study book “The Pathans” by Sir Olaf Caroe or Ghani Khan – instead of some racist rabbi.

  2. Yasmin Eliaz, an Israeli student studying in Israel, could not possibly be a Bahai. The Bahai community of Palestine was dissolved by the Bahai leaders as the Israeli state formed, by asking all the Bahais to leave Israel. The result is that there are no Bahai citizens of Israel living in Israel today. There are only some Bahais from other countries, with temporary residence in Israel, working on term contracts to maintain the Bahai shrines and run the Bahai administrative institutions. If an Israeli citizen wishes to become a Bahai, they are told they will have to leave Israel.

    So what made you think Eliaz was a Bahai? – Nothing, you just wanted to say something nasty about her, and “Bahai” is a nasty word for you.

    • “Dissolved”? Were you born yesterday? Bhai Vetican still exists around Bahullah’s mausolem in Haifa. According to PLO source, there are nearly 500 Bhais enlisted in Israel Occupation Force (IOF). Some Arab sources have also accused PA “president”, the double agent Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) having Iranian Bahai family roots. Israeli journalist Danny Rubinstein was the first person to refute the allegation.

      Bahais take their name from their guru, Bahaullah (1817-1892) of Iran. Bahaullah himself was the follower of an earlier guru, Ali Muhammad Shirazi (1891-1850), who said he had opened the Bob (door) to Imam Mahdi and claimed himself to be that door and even the Mahdi. Judged as an apostate, he was publicly executed in Tabriz on July 9, 1850. Bahaullah took up from where Shirazi had left and declared he was the ‘revealer’ promised by Shirazi. After several banishment, from Baghdad to Constantinople (Istanbul) to Adrianople (Edirne) and finally to Bahji in the Ottoman penal colony of Akka (Acre), he died on May 29, 1892. He was buried near the mansion where he had spent his last days; it is now the ‘Most Holy Shrine’ of Bahaipilgrimage. Bahai do not say they are Muslims.

  3. There wasn’t a tribe of Joseph…

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