Sajid Javid: UK’s pro-Israel Asian minister

Last week, British prime minister David Cameron, an Israel-First with Jewish family roots, announced the appointment of Sajid Javid to replace Maria Miller who resigned earlier, as the new Secretary for Culture, media and sports.

Maria Miller became the sixth cabinet minister in David Cameron who resigned over expenses claim scandal. The previous Zionists included David Law, Andrew Mitchell, Liam Fox, Chris Huhne and Lord Strathclyde.

Michael Rosen, Jewish poet and writer of novels for children was the first one to criticize Cameron’s choice. Rosen in an open letter against Javid’s appointment said he was “not holding out any hopes” that the new culture secretary would be different to the previous ones.

You’re an ex-banker who made millions during the fatal bubble of the early 21st century. You were at a bank that has been fined for rate-fixing. The fact that people like you got up to all sorts of greedy lending and fiddling is why we’re in the crisis,” wrote Rosen.

It seems Rosen has never heard of British Jewish oligarchs, such as, Rothschilds, Reuben Brothers, Philips Green, Rupert Murdoch, and other Jewish millionaires who control British banks, film industry and mainstream media.

Blake Morrison, British writer and a close friend of Rosen said on Friday that the job of culture secretary should be given to politicians with passion for the arts, citing the dismal record of previous incubents.

Sajid Javid is MP for Bromsgrove since 2010. Earlier, Javid served as Economy Secretary and Financial Secretary. Javid’s father, a Muslim from Pakistan, arrived in UK in 1961, looking for a better future. His first job was a bus driver. Javid has said that though his heritage is Muslim, he doesn’t believe in any religion. He lives with his Christian wife Laura and four children. Laura is a practicing Christian and the children are raised on Christianity. Javid has stated that Christianity should be UK’s official religion. Javid is against abortion but supports Jewish-controlled gay movement.

In 2012, Javid told Jewish Lobby, ‘Conservative Friends of Israel, that “after UK he would choose Israel” for it offered him “warm brace of freedom and liberty”.

George Eaton wrote at UK daily New Statesman (April 14, 2014): “The truth that eludes the pessimistic and xenophobic right is that immigrants don’t just “take our jobs”, they create them too. But when today’s  entrepreneurs seek to enter Cameron’s Britain, all they will be greeted with is a closed door.”

Britain allows only 20,700 non-White migrants per year.


5 responses to “Sajid Javid: UK’s pro-Israel Asian minister

  1. “Britain allows only 20,700 non-White migrants per year.”
    And you’re saying they should allow more? Why? Are you supporting the Jewish multiculturalism and unlimited immigration campaign for Europe/US –which they do not apply to Israel?

    • The immigration policy in the West and Americana have always been based on the local cheap labour demand and training ground for building native elite class to shoulder Western colonization and guard its interests during the post-colonial period. It has never been based on humanitarian basis as the western elites like to believe the world to believe for the new “War on Islam” for Zionism.

      The so-called “multiculturalism” is a myth to keep the non-White population under the boots of the White majority. In the West, they have always been treated as unwanted and will be in the future – whenever, the Whites face economic hardships.

      The organized Jewry has never supported Muslim immigration. The vast majority of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, have been non-Muslims. The immigration serves the organized Jewry in several ways; it provides cheap labour, open Jewish immigration from all over the world – and protect Israel’s interests by demonizing Muslim minorities in the West by projecting them “terrorists, anti-West and economic burden” on the society. The Jewish-controlled Western media will never report that the Jewish minority is more involved in terrorism against Americans (7%) than Muslim minority (6%) – and that there a far more Whites criminals in Western jails than non-White immigrants.

      I’m not for or against immigration. It’s upto the western politicians to decide which way to go. However, as a Muslim, I got to be “color and religion” blind.

      British quota of immigration is far below the rest of EU member countries.

  2. “The so-called “multiculturalism” is a myth to keep the non-White population under the boots of the White majority.”
    That’s kosher marxist talk, whether you know it or not.
    The “white majority” is bootless. Multiculturalism is a campaign to destroy national cultures and the white majority in European countries because a divided, atomized nation made up of lots of minorities and thus no longer a nation proper, is the recipe to keep them all under the judeozionist boots.

  3. “kosher marxism” means something entirely different and none of the above has anything to do with bigotry

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