‘Diary of a FM’: Jews control Australia

Last year, another Israeli poodle Tony Abbott became prime minister of Australia. Australia-born Zionist Jew media tycoon Ruppert Murdoch played a major role in putting Tony Abbott in his current position. Murdoch owns more than 70% of Australian media.

Recently, former Australian foreign minister Robert John (Bob) Carr (born 1947) in book ‘Diary of a Foreign Minister‘ has claimed that Australia’s foreign policy is controlled by pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups.

Bob Carr has produced text messages between him and former prime minister Julia Gillard. “The public has to know how foreign policy gets made, especially when it appears the prime minister is being heavily lobbied by one interest group with a stake in the Middle East (Israel),” said Carr.

Bob Carr also blasted former prime minister and foreign minister, Kevin Rudd, country’s richest politician who is married to a wealthy Jew. Carr calls him a loudmouth who was disliked by foreign policy elites and many in Labor Party.

Carr says he told Julia Gillard to step down from party leadership to save her own reputation.

Carr has described former Israeli ambassador to Australia, Yuval Rotem, as the “cunning Yuval” and Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, as “gloomy” and “taciturn” in his book. He has also blasted two Jewish MPs, Mark Dreyfus and Michael Danby, as the “falafel faction”.

As expected, the Australian Jewish lobby groups honored Carr with the medal of ‘antisemitism’. “It’s insulting to them (Australian politicians) to suggest that they can be manipulated and bought (by Jewish money),” said Robert Goot, president of the Executive Council of Australian Jews. According to JTA, other Jewish community leaders call Carrs accusations as “promoting a classic trope of antisemitism propaganda“.

His willingness to publically slur supporters of Israel with the old-age canard of undue Jewish influence in political affairs and to breach Cabinet and personal confidence is not only wrong in principle but is sadly indicative of his true nature (being a Jew hater),” said Danny Lamm, president of the Zionist Federation of Australia, 124 News, April 12, 2014.

As a matter of record, Bob Carr abstained instead of opposing the move at the UN to upgrade Palestinian Authority (PA under Mahmoud Abbas) representation to nearer that of a state. This move irked the Zionist regime and Australian organized Jewry.

On February 12, 2014, Bob Carr wrote at The Australian that the Jewish settlements in the West Bank are always illegal. He said Israeli judge Theodor Meron told that to Israeli prime minister Levi Eshkol in 1967. In 1968, even Gen. Moshe Dayan conceded: “Settling Israelis in administered territories, as is known, contravenes international conventions“.

Bob Carr is also author of Thoughtlines (2002), What Australia Means to Me (2003), and My Reading Life (2008).

You can follow Bob Carr’s blog here.

In May 2012, Dr. Gideon Polyn, an Australian academic and writer, accused Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and other mainstream news media for parroting Zionist narrative of Jewish holocaust while ignoring the Australian government’s complicity in the genocide of Muslims around the world.

On April 12, 2014, Alan Austin wrote at the Independent Australia newspaper that Australia is run by compulsive liars.

Listen to Bob Carr talking with Sarah Ferguson of ABC about his book, Jewish Lobby and other things.

Read Australia’s shameful history of imperialism in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries as narrated by Australian Jewish writer and author, Antony Loewenstein, here.


One response to “‘Diary of a FM’: Jews control Australia

  1. “two Jewish MPs, Mark Dreyfus and Michael Danby, as the “falafel faction”

    Count that as a propaganda victory for the Jews, falsely claiming falafel as a Jewish dish….. but hey, after stealing Palestine, that’s juts minor cultural pilfering

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