US-NATO sham election in Afghanistan

On April 5, 2014, only 34% of Afghan people voted in the country’s presidential election held under US-NATO guns.

On April 5, 2014, Uri Friedman at Jewish The Atlantic called the election “historic” and the first “democratic election held in Afghanistan’s modern history”. What can I say except that whenever some Zionist Jew praises a government in a Muslim country (Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc.) – I smell a skunk walking by.

Erik N. Nelson, who worked as US military propagandist during 2009 Afghan presidential election, wrote at The Sacramento Bee (April 9, 2014): “How do you turn a sham election into a message of confidence in the Afghan government, a sign of hope for the nation’s future? Disheartened, all I had to work with were the laughably premature statements of U.S. and European officials that the election was more-or-less OK.”

Professor Juan Cole, consultant to CIA, claimed on his blog on April 6, 2014 that 7 million out of 12 million Afghan people turned out to vote in the April 5 election. He also said that US-NATO administration deployed 400,000 Afghan National Army and police force to protect (?) the voters.

Taliban who control nearly 80% of Afghanistan, have boycotted the election.

The US Viceroy, Hamid Karzai, has ruled Afghanistan since US-NATO occupied it in 2001. However, lately, he dared to show finger to Barack Obama – and thus not allowed to occupy Kabul’s Presidential Palace anymore.

The West’s “Afghan donkeys” competing to become the new US Viceroy, are, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Ashraf Ghani, Qayum Karzai, the elder brother of Hamid Karzai, Gen Abdul Hamid Wardak, Dr. Zalmay Rassoul, and Abdul Rassoul Sayyaf 64, a former Mujahideen leader who fought against the Red Army in the 1980s.

Canadian war reporter and author, Eric Margolis, who lived among Afghan Mujahideen during Russian occupation of Afghanistan, called the election to install another fake regime.

The candidates include US groomed politicians and drug-dealing warlords from the Tajik and Uzbek north. Chief among them, Rashid Dostam, a major war criminal and principal CIA ally who ordered the massacre of over 2,000 Taliban prisoners. Such is the rotten foundation on which Washington is hoping to build a compliant Afghan “democracy” that will continue to offer bases to US troops and warplanes. Afghanistan’s majority, the Pashtun tribes, have little voice in the election charade,” said Margolis.

The largest, most popular party in Afghanistan, Taliban, and its smaller ally, Hisbi-Islami, have been excluded as “terrorists” from the current and past elections. They are boycotting the vote, rightly claiming it will be rigged and run by the western powers and their local collaborators. We see this same pattern of faux democracy across the Mideast. If an open vote was held today, Taliban would probably win. Americans have no problem it seems working with Afghan Communists, war criminals, and drug kingpins. In fact, under American rule, opium, morphine and heroin production in Afghanistan has surged to all-time record highs. This is called “nation-building”,” adds Margolis.

After 12 years of using everything in its arsenal short of nuclear weapons, the mighty US military has failed to defeat lightly-armed Taliban forces. The Pashtun tribes are almost certain to keep on fighting indefinitely. A favorite Taliban saying: “the Americans have watches; we have time.” The Pashtun defeated four British attempts to colonize Afghanistan, the Soviet effort in the 1980’s, and now the US occupation. Afghanistan has proved the longest war in America’s history. As US troops and heavy bombers attacked Taliban position, I wrote in the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers that invading Afghanistan was a terrible mistake, a war that would not be won. Not surprisingly, I was widely denounced,” said Margolis.



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