Jewish Lobby says no to Iran’s new UN envoy

hamid-abutalebi[1]In order to put more obstacles in the ongoing US-Iran nuclear agreement talks – on Monday, the AIPAC controlled Senate voted unanimously to urge the White House to refuse visa to Dr. Hamid Aboutalebi, Iran’s newly appointed ambassador at the United Nations. The Jewish Lobby has accused Aboutalebi being one of the Iranian students who occupied the US embassy in Tehran, dubbed as den of espionage. The shredded documents found inside the embassy proved students claim to the seizure of the embassy building that both CIA and Mossad were planning to topple the newly established Islamic regime in Tehran.

Tehran announced Aboutalebi’s appointment in January 2014, and applied to US State Department for his visa. However, John Kerry’s Jewish-controlled State Department has been delaying Tehran’s request on stupid excuses to please the Jewish lobby groups.

Aboutalebi was to replace ambassador Mohammad Khazaee, who completed his term last Christmas. Thus, there is no senior envoy at United Nations to put ‘duct-tape’ over two Zionist lying mouths; Ron Prosor, Israeli envoy known as the lying ambassador and American envoy, Samantha Power, the Israeli poodle.

American Jewish writer Stephen Lendman while commenting on Obama’s 15-minute telephone chat with Hassan Rouhani in September 2013, said that no matter how much Rouhani bends backward – Washington will never be satisfied. Because Washington wants a pro-Israel regime change in Tehran.

Interestingly, Israeli government and the Jewish lobby groups couldn’t dig Aboutalebi’s involvement in the seizure of the embassy compound on November 4, 1979. They also forgot to show Aboutalebi’s anti-US part in the Hollywood propaganda movie Argo. William Daugherty, one of the 53 US embassy staff members, who spent 444 days inside the compound, called Argo, a political anti-Iran crap.

The Lobby didn’t knew Aboutalebi’s ‘antisemite’ activities during the time he represented his country as ambassador to European Union, Australia, Belgium and Italy – all Zionist-controlled entities.

Now, let us assume for a moment that Mossad’s file on Aboutalebi is correct – then why Iranians shouldn’t reward Aboutalebi for his patriotism when Israelis worship Jonathan Pollard, an American Jewish traitor as a “national hero”?

This is not the first time Jewish Lobby has parroted the so-called “hostage taking” for Israeli interests. In 2005, shortly after Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became President of Iran, the Zionist media accused him of being one of student leaders occupying the US embassy. They even faked a “Ahmadinejad look-alike” youth standing behind one of the American hotages. However, the media never mentioned that students after a week had released 12 female and Afro-American embassy staff members, calling them victims of American racist culture like Iranians.

Ahmadinejad was hounded by the Zionazi thugs during his 8-year presidency. Every year, Jewish lobby groups campaigned against his visit to New York to address the UN General Assembly in September. They even stooped so low and urged hotels in New York to refuse accommodation to Ahmadinejad and members of Iranian delegate.

On March 23, 2007, Iran seized 15 British sailors, who had encroached into Iran’s territorial waters. This issue was of totally different nature to the 1979 crisis. But the Zionist media almost unanimously treated the two incidents as equivalent. An article in Jewish Los Angeles Times entitled “Get tough on Iran” accused the Iranians of using “hostage-taking as a tool of statecraft.”

Ahmadinejad ordered the release of the sailors on humanitarian basis. Israel-born British citizen, Gilad Atzmon, praised Ahmadinejad, saying: “It’s Ahmadinejad rather than (Tony) Blair who reminds us where goodness rest.”

The US-UN Headquarter Agreement (1947) obligates Washington to facilitate – not hinder – the smooth functioning of the body. But over the years, the US has violated the said agreement mostly as result of Jewish Lobby campaign, as evidenced in the refusal of US visa to PLO chairman Yasar Arafat in 1988. He was invited by UN secretary-general to address the meeting. Subsequently, the venue of the UNGA was moved to Geneva. In January 2011, largest Jewish banking institution, JP Morgan Chase Bank closed its division which served diplomatic and foreign government missions in New York. It affected over 70 missions which have been critical of the Zionist entity.

The Jewish Lobby is much stronger at the United Nations having anti-Hizbullah, extremist Jew Jeffrey Feltman sitting next Ban Ki-moon as Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, Marziyeh Afkham, has rejected US whining about Aboutalebi.

The US government’s treatment of the Islamic Republic’s ambassador to the UN is unacceptable and Dr. Hamid Aboutalebi is Iran’s choice for the UN representative post,” Afkham said.


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  1. They should change the name of the organization to Jewnited Nations

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