Erdogan: ‘No regime change in Turkey’

Erdoganindark[1]Turkey’s March 30 municipal elections have proved Zionist pundits wrong. Erdogan’s ruling AK Party received over 45% of the vote while capturing the most populated cities of Istanbul and Ankara. It was an impressive victory for the Islamists who were under attack from secularists, pro-Army, pro-Israel and American Jewish lobby groups for the last 12 months.

The results will surely boost Erdogan’s chance to win presidential election in August 2014, if he decided to contest. It has encouraged him to ignore membership to European Union which Turkey has been trying for the last 23 years. The vote of confidence will allow him to carry out Turkey’s independent policy toward Iran.

The western Zionist-controlled mainstream media has blamed for several dictatorial activities, which have been practiced in the so-called “civilized West” for decades, such as, press freedom, police crackdown on anti-government protestors and corruption at high places. The Jewish Lobby have accused Erdogan of bypassing USraeli “crippling sanctions” and helping Iran to make $12 billion in gold sale between 2012-13 and helping “Iran to launder oil and gas revenues via Turkish entities in Dubai and China” – and blocking access to Twitter and You-Tube.

Erdogan, on the other hand, blames world organized Jewry for provoking the Gezi Park protests and thus destabilizing Turkey in order to bring an anti-Iran regime in Ankara. The AKP government is also showing its independence in military sector. Even though, the only Muslim member of NATO, Ankara recently sought Chinese long-range anti-missile batteries.

President Abdullah Gul is the only possible contestant against Erdogan’s bid to become the first directly-voted President of Turkey in the coming election. Gul has voiced disagreement over some of Erdogan’s policies, especially military confrontation with neighboring Syria, and the way Ankara has handled the anti-government protests. Gul is also supporter of further closer relations with Iran over Syrian conflict.

Erdogan’s mentor, Turkey’s first Islamist prime minister, professor Necmittem Erbakan in an interview he gave to anti-Islamist Turkish newspaper Today Zaman (published on December 6, 2010), he called Recep Tayyip Erdogan “a Crypto Zionist”.

Why on earth did the AK Party give a ‘go ahead’ to the membership of Israel in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and not block membership? Why did the government consent to multi-billion dollars worth of defense contracts with Israeli firms? Erdoğan says ‘one-minute’ to Shimon Peres during Davos but conducts business as usual with Israel. This is hypocrisy,” said Erbakan.


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