France’s Jewish political soap opera

In recent local elections, president Francois Hollande’s ruling Socialist Party lost over 155 towns. The big winner was Marine Le Pen’s National Front (NF), an anti-Muslim racist party. The big loss proves once again, the unpopularity of Hollande’s subservience to the powerful French Jewish Lobby (CRIF). His current popularity rating is just 17%.

As result of the political humiliation, Hollande (Jewish) sacked his prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault (Freemason, Zionist). Hollande in cabinet reshuffle has appointed his former interior minister Manuel Valls (Zionist Jew) as the new prime minister.

Hollande, has also appointed his former girlfriend and mother of his four children, Marie-Segolene Royal 60, as ecology minister responsible for France’s 100 nuclear reactors. Royal was hounded by Jewish groups for meeting a Lebanese parliamentarian delegate in Beirut that included Hizbullah MP Ali Ammar. She made a stop-over in Lebanon in December 2006 to cheer-up French soldiers with the UN peace keeping force at Israel-Lebanon border. Before visiting Lebanon, Royal visited Israel and held meetings with Zionist prime minister Ehud Barak and other Israeli ministers. In a news conference, she said that if elected French president, she will try her best to make sure Iran never have a nuclear bomb.

Royal was ditched by Hollande for journalist Valerie Trierwiler (mother of three children) after 30 year companionship. Trierwiler who is not married to Hollande’ is officially the ‘First Lady’. She is said to have vetoed Royal’s joining Hollande’s previous cabinet. However, Trierwiler’s ‘Taryag mitzvot’ was lifted following media revelations in January 2014 of Hollande’s affair with French actress Julia Gayet (mother of two). Trierwiler had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to hospital. Read more here.

 Two Israel-First ministers from the previous cabinet, Laurent Fabius (Jewish, Zionist) and Jean-Yves Le Drian (Zionist, Freemason) kept their portfolio while Pierre Moscovici, the Jewish economy minister has been replaced by former industry minister Arnaud Montebourg. In 2012, both Arnaud Montebourg and his girlfriend, television broadcaster Audrey Pulvar, complained that they’re insulted by NF supporters by calling them “Juden, Juden, Juden” (Jews in German).

Michel Sapin (Freemason, Zionist), previously employment minister, becomes minister for finance.

The Greens, who were junior partners in Ayrault’s government, have refused even to take part in Valls’s government. The Greens say Valls is not the solution but problem for France.

Reacting to the latest chapter of a French political soap opera, Le Monde noted: “The average citizen watching this very particular reunion (Hollande + Royal) can’t help wondering: ‘Is this vaudeville or history in the making?’ It is perhaps a bit of both, in fact.”

Jean-Marc Ayrault had three Muslims in his cabinet. Valls has not picked a Muslim minister so far.

France’s 60 million population comprises of 8 million Muslims and less than half a million Jews.


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  1. That’s an awful lot of Jews running France….lmao

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