Kerry’s failed ‘peace initiative’ and Abbas’ ‘choice’

Judging by the past record of US-Israel blackmailing of Palestinians in order to extract more subjugation via the so-called “peace initiatives”, one should not be surprised to learn that John Kerry’s “peace charade” has met the same fate.

Both Natanyahu and Kerry has blamed their Palestinian stooge, Mahmoud Abbas, for killing the initiative by refusing to recognize Israel as “Jewish state”, which they knew, no Palestinian leader in his right mind will accept.

Abbas’ team at the negotiations and even the ‘Jew York Times’ in its editorial have blamed Netanyahu for the death of the initiative.

Kerry has been lobbying for the release of the convicted Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard to meet one of Netanyahu demands to bless Kerry’s pro-Israel peace initiative. However, to meet Netanyahu’s demand, Barack Obama could face the greatest setback of his presidency. On April Fool Day, the ‘Jew York Times’ editorial said: “The emergence of the convicted spy Jonathan Pollard as a bargaining chip in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations is a lamentable sign of America’s desperation to keep both sides talking. Peace between Israelis and Palestinians can be achieved only if they want it for themselves, something that is very much in doubt right now.”

Earlier this week, Netanyahu informed his cabinet that 400 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails and Jonathan Pollard will be freed before April 14 Passover’s eve.

One wonders why Palestinians are part of the “blame game” while they’re the victims of the Jewish occupation supported by the US, EU, Russia and China. Palestinians elected representatives, Hamas, is not even part of Kerry-Netanyahu-Abbas negotiations. And what the heck Palestinians have to do with the American Jewish traitor.

Some Israeli “Liberals” like Larry Derfner believe that the death of Kerry’s peace initiative is good news for Palestinians because now PA president Mahmoud Abbas, a double agent whose PA mandate expired in January 2009, can take his case to the United Nations. Do these idiots know that the Israeli-controlled veto carrying powers at the UNSC (US, France and Britain) will never let Abbas succeed at the world forum?

The US ambassador at United Nations, Samantha Power, married to a Zionist Jewish professor, told Congress on Wednesday that she will do everything in her power to block Mahmoud Abbas move at the UN.

As another part of Kerry’s failure is Abbas refusal to agree with Kerry’s demand to drag his charade beyond April 28th deadline.

John Kerry cancelled his scheduled meeting with Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Wednesday, accusing him for going back on his promise not to take Palestinian case to UN General Assembly in September 2014.

At the beginning of Kerry’s ‘peace initiative’, Mahmoud Abbas was ordered by his western backers to abandon his rhetoric of going to apply to several international organizations as a ‘non-state’ member, which he did. Now, in order to rebuild his lost credibility among the nine million Palestinians, he has threatened to go back on his “promise”.

Kerry under pressure from the Jewish Lobby, too, turned-back on his earlier statement. When Lesley Wroughton of Reuters asked Kerry about Abbas signing those 15 agencies, Kerry said: “No, he is not. He is not. Let me make it absolutely clear. None of the agencies that president Abbas signed involve the United Nations. None of them.”

In other words, Kerry assured Israel that Abbas doesn’t intend to join the UN created International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC has been the nightmare scenario the Zionist regime has been talking about for years, even though the ICC is another Zionist controlled international forum.



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