Arundhati Roy on Capitalism

arundhati-roy41[1]India’s famous human rights activist and author, Arundhati Roy, in her new book, ‘Capitalism: The Ghost Story’, examines the dark side of democracy in contemporary India, and shows how the demands of the globalized western capitalist banking system has subjugated billions of peoples to the highest and most intense form of racism and exploitation. Watch two videos below to understand the evil world of capitalism and the evildoers who benefit from this system.

Roy says that India’s 100 richest people controls 25% of the country’s GDP. A 2010 Oxford University study reported that 55% of India’s populations of 1.1 billion live below poverty line.

Roy, though, talks mostly the capitalist culture in her native India – she would certainly get medal of ‘antisemitism’ from Abraham Foxman and other Jewish supremacists for attacking the Jewish-controlled Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is funded by Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford Foundations, and CIA.

Over the years the CFR’s membership has included 22 US Secretaries of State. There were five CFR members in the 1943 steering committee that planned the UN, and an $8.5 million grant from J.D. Rockefeller bought the land on which the UN’s New York headquarters stands. All eleven of the World Bank’s Presidents since 1946 – men who have presented themselves as missionaries of the poor – have been members of the CFR,” says Roy. 

Werner Sombart (died 1941), German sociologist and author in his 1911 book, ‘The Jews & Modern Capitalism’, claimed that Jewish elites were the dominant beneficiary of Capitalism. No wonder, Jewish lobby group (ADL) has also equated criticism of The Wall Street and the Reserve Bank with antisemitism.

According to some sources, the capitalist monetary system was created by the Knight Templers (Freemasons), who happens to be Jewish or Zionist Christians. Read more here.

Capitalism is based on Usury, which is a great sin in Islam. Islam holds the view that economic disorder is not the cause of a nation’s miseries – but the result of nation’s moral degradation. Character building and development of moral health are the only remedies humanity is in need of – Without which social, political, economic or any other reform is just waste of time – as proven by both Capitalist and Communist dogmas. Islam is not against material progress, but it has to be controlled by Islamic morality – otherwise mere material progress will lead to disastrous results, as seen in the western societies. Read more here.

Jewish lobby and extremist Hindu groups don’t like Arundhati Roy for her support for Palestinian and Kashmiri people. Read more posts on Roy here, here and here.


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