Is Israel America’s Ally or Friend?

jk[1]In December 2013, Barack Obama’s top foreign policy adviser, Dr. Susan Rice, said: “Let’s be honest, at times we do business with governments that do not respect the rights we hold most dear.” I bet my Canadian $, she didn’t have Israel in mind – an entity which has no respect for democracy or human rights or loyalty to its western defenders.

On Monday, Israeli defense minister Gen. Moshe Ya’alon called the United States a weak ally which cannot defend Israel. He said that his country has abandoned any hope that the United States will solve the Iranian nuclear crisis diplomatically and that he would now support Israel taking unilateral military action against the Islamic Republic.

On April 2, 2010, I wrote a post on this blog – proving that the United States doesn’t need enemies as long as it has Israel as its ally and friend.

Four years later, Philip Geraldi, former CIA officer for 20 years, came to a similar conclusion during his speech at the National Summit to Reassess the Israel-US Special Relationship, held in Washington DC on March 7, 2014. He said: Israel Is No Ally; Not Even a Friend.

Inside the beltway types and the media constantly refer to Israel as an ally, which it is not. Israeli soldiers have never fought beside American troops and to be an ally you need an actual alliance on paper. No such legally binding document exists between Washington and Tel Aviv. Sycophants in congress are also fond of calling Israel Washington’s best or closest friend in spite of the fact that it does actual damage to the United States through using its considerable access to the government and media to promote policies that are good neither for the US nor for Israel itself. Recalling the expression that a friend does not let a friend drive drunk, one might observe that the United States has been driving drunk for quite some time, dangerous behavior that has to some extent been encouraged by Israel and its many supporters in Washington,” said Giraldi.

The existence of a large scale Israeli spying network at the time of 9/11 has been widely reported, incorporating Israeli companies in New Jersey and Florida as well as hundreds of “art students” nationwide. Five Israelis from one of the companies were observed celebrating against the backdrop of the twin towers going down, the so-called “Dancing Shlomos.” Did Israel know in advance about 9/11? Many in the intelligence community believe that it certainly had knowledge of some aspects relating to the terrorist attack,” adds Giraldi.

The Zionist-controlled western media has the habit of glorifying the Zionist entity as “only democracy in the Middle East” and “America’s best ally” in the whole world while demonizing people and nations that try to tell the truth about the Zionist entity. In reality, Israel is a far greater threat to America than Iran, Syria and Hizbullah put together. Read more here.


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