Peres: Mahmoud Abbas is “Palestinian Gandhi”

I wish Gaza would just sink into sea,” Yitzhak Rabin said after signing the so-called ‘Oslo Accords’.

On Sunday, Israeli president Shimon Peres, the war criminal, once again stated his confidence in the West Bank president Mahmoud Abbas, by camparing him with Mahatma Gandhi.

Just before the Palestinian president (whose mandate exoired in January 2009) meet with the US president on Monday, Peres says Abbas is a man of principles who opposes terrorism and violence,” reported Ha’aretz on March 17, 2014.

After talks with Abbas at the White House, Obama told reporters that the search for a two-state solution remained elusive but he hoped to see progress in the coming weeks. Both have agreed that the deadline could be extended from April 29 to July for a final deal (sell-out).

John Kerry is desparately urged both Ntanyahu and Abbas to narrow-down its demands; East Jerusalem being capital of Israel; Israel’s insistence that it be recognized as a Jewish state; the Palestinians’ demand that their refugees be allowed to return to their former homes in what is now Israel; and security in the West Bank, with Israel wanting a long-term presence in the Jordan Valley.

Gaza ruling Hamas has said that it would not accept any compromise made between Abbas and Obama.

The Palestinian Authority must end the negotiations. They now affect the holy sites, illegal Jewish settlement activities, the status of Jerusalem, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees,” says Mahmoud Zahhar, a senior Hamas leader. Gaza is home to 1.7 million native Muslim and Christian Palestinians – 34% of them were evicted from their ancestral villages in Israel by the Jewish terrorist militias in 1948.

It’s not just Islamic resistance groups (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) against Abbas sell-out – but secularist and communist resistance groups like FPLP, DFLP, People’s Army and PRC have all rejected John Kerry’s pro-Israel peace proposal.

On March 12, 2014, Jonathan S. Tobin, senior editor of AJC’s monthly mouthpiece, The Commentary magazine admitted that any deal between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas is not even worth the paper on which it’s written unless it’s accepted by Hamas.

Unfortunately, (Hamas) continue to better represent the wishes of their people than any pious platitudes about peace that Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas utters when in the presence of Western reporters or gullible Israelis,” said Tobin.

Where the latest “peace negotiation” circus is going to end up? Well, one doesn’t need a PhD to understand that the US cannot be an impartial broker because of its alliance with Israel and that negotiations between an occupier and those being occupied are little more than a charade.

In case you don’t agree with me on that point – just look at John Kerry’s (a Crypto Jew) so-called “Negotiating Team” of ten Middle East “experts”; Ilan Goldenberg, Frank Lowenstein, David Makovsky, Julie Sawyer, Hady Amyr, Michael Yaffe, Laura Blumenfeld, Jonathan Schwartz, Phil Gordon, and Jon Allen, headed by “Israel’s lawyer” Martin Indyk – eight of them are Zionist Jews!

Late last month, Mahmoud Abbas, the man who is paid handsomely to serve as Israel’s ever-pliable Palestinian “negotiating partner” described Kerry’s peace plan as “madness”. Should we be surprised given the composition of Kerry’s negotiating team?,” says professor Thomas Harrington (Trinity College in Hartford).


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  1. Ghandi?!?
    Quisling comes to mind more readily

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