What happened to Malaysian Flight 370

mahathir[1]The Malaysian government has agreed with the consensus of aviation and security experts that Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 390 people onboard, did not crash or blown-up in sky as result of terrorism but was hijacked 9/11-style. Its whereabouts and the fate of passengers unknown just like the fate of the four American “commercial” planes and their passengers who allegedly took part in the 9/11 “official story”.

The Zionist-controlled western mainstream media, like in the case of 9/11 – accused some Muslims being involved in the disappearance of the Flight 370, based on the theory that “two of the passengers on the plane were Iranians”. But what about Nikolai Brodsky, the Russian Jew aboard MH370 or another Jew by the name “Andy” (reported by Israeli newspapers Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post) who traveled by the same flight one day earlier but was not allowed to board the return flight under the advice of his “observant Jew” travel agent. This reminds me the 2002 news item at the Jewish site Beliefnet – reporting how a “mysterious” Jew saved the lives of nine fellow Jews at the WTC on September 11, 2001.

On March 11, 2014, Adam Taylor posted pictures of those two Iranian passengers at the Jewish Washington Post. However, the keen readers found out the two “terrorists” were carrying same bag, same shoes, same pants, standing in the same location on floor – which proves that the pictures were fixed. 

In order to cover CIA/Mossad foot-prints, western media yet came up with another story. It claims that the plane’s Muslim pilot could have committed suicide and took the crew and passengers with him. The CIA director, John Brenner, an Israel-Firster, said “the possibility that the plane had been brought down in a terrorist attack could not be ruled out. But no claims of responsibility over the missing jet had been confirmed or corroborated.”

Brenner, however, was at loss to explain how come 14 countries, 43 ships and 58 aircraft which are involved in the search of plane have failed to locate it so far.

Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines said it was investigating an Australian TV report that alleged the missing co-pilot Farid Abdul Hamid allowed South African attractive female tourists, Jonti Roos and Jaan Maree, to stay in the cockpit during a Phuket to Kuala Lumpur flight two years ago.

Furthermore, the so-called “cell phone calls” from Malaysian Flight 370 are reminiscent to those from the allegedly hijacked airliners of September 11th, 2001. In 2006, FBI admitted that 13 of the 15 alleged 9/11 cell phone calls never happened. Amazingly, the FBI even admitted that Ted Olson never received the famous phone calls from his wife, who (Olson claimed) had supposedly called him from hijacked Flight 77.

In 2010, I exposed Israeli Mossad links with Malaysia’s internal security agency, Bukit Aman. In 2008, then Malaysian Home Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, a US agent, admitted that both CIA and Mossad run covert operation in the country.

Some analysts have speculated that MH370 could have been overpowered via cyber piracy and brought down to one the US military bases in the region – South Korea, Japan, Brunei, Guam, Diego Garcia or Andaman Islands.

One of the readers, Suraj Parekh, has asked my opinion on the missing MH370. I would leave it to the readers to decide themselves who’re the evildoers behind this latest terrorist act to demean Muslims and turn Malaysia against China. You may call it “conspiracy theories”, but then truth is always called that by the criminals behind the crimes. Read here, here and here.


7 responses to “What happened to Malaysian Flight 370

  1. I am sure the perpetrators are Iranians aided by Hezbollah and with Venezuelan cooperation. The Venezuelans are not the main actors in this because they are not Muslims but they must figure in somewhere.

  2. good one, my dear! I enjoyed reading that piece.

  3. MH17 Chameleon: Operation Rapid Trident II

    Using The Ukraine Crisis To Overthrow Putin
    If Ukrainians push the man in Kiev out of power, Russians might wonder why they should not do the same to the man in the Kremlin.

    An editorial in Financial Times of February 2, 2014 calls for using the Ukraine crisis to overthrow Putin in Russia.

    Finally, the west must be prepared for a tough response from Russia in the event that Mr Yanukovich falls. A military response from the Kremlin is inconceivable. It is events in Ukraine that may do more to define Russia’s image. If Ukrainians push the man in Kiev out of power, Russians might wonder why they should not do the same to the man in the Kremlin.

    MH17 Chameleon: Operation Rapid Trident II

    • I must say, it’s a wishful thinking. Both Russia and Ukraine are controlled Jew oligarchs. Yanukovich is the Jew “chocolate king” and Putin is an ex-KGB top official within Jew-controlled USSR.

  4. It was Putin who kicked the oligarchs out of Russia after they occupied it when Russia was in scramble. He could do it because he knew the inside out being in KGB. After they were kicked out during 1991 they set up base in India. The jew lobby that is backing Putin and the Zionist lobby are extreme rivals of each other and the extreme example of their rivalry can be seen in 26/11. Kindly read the article, history of Chocolate king is portrayed in it.

    • Nope dear, you’re very much misinformed. The Russian Jew oligarch kicked out by Putin are enjoying their loot in Israel and Britain – and not in India.

      And don’t forget, Yuri Kovalchuck, reportedly Putin’s personal banker, Vladimir Yakunin, head of Russian Railways, billionaires Boris Rotenberg and his older brother Arkady, Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov, former Russian deputy prime minister, Sergey Yurievich Glazyev, Putin’s aide and author of 40 books, Leonid Eduardovich Slutskii, member of the State Duma of Russia, Professor Andrey A. Klishas (Moscow University), Ukraine-born Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko, the highest-ranking female politician in Russia, and former governor of Saint Petersburg and the current Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitryi Olegovich Rogozin, former Russian ambassador at NATO and Yelena Mizulina, a member of the Communist Party – all Jew oligarchs still enjoying Putin’s Jewish love.

      Even the American intelligence believe that Russia was not behind shooting down of MH-17.


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