Intl. Court summons heads of Christian Churches

On March 3, 2014, as a symbolic slap to the Zionist empire, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) formally charged Pope Francis and the heads of the Jesuits and the Anglican churches with crimes against humanity, inciting treason and abetting child trafficking. ITCCS has issued public summons urging all three pro-Israel “Christian religious leaders” to appear before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels on March 31, 2014, to answer these charges and face prosecution (video).

Pope Francis is known for his pro-Israel and pro-Zionist activism as Archbishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Since becoming Head of Roman Catholic Church, he has been honored by the organized Jewry while declaring Pope Francis an honorary Jewish leader. Francis as the first Jesuit Catholic Pope in history, is a puppet of Adolfo Nicolas Pachon, the head of world’s most powerful Judeo-Christian ‘Society of Jesus’.

Padre Adolfo Nicolas Pachon, also known as ‘Black Pope’, is a Spanish Catholic priest and the 13th and current Superior General of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit). The Jesuits founded Rothschild´s Illuminati and are closely intertwined with Rothschild in their world government that has become a reality since the creation of the European Council in 2009. Many think that the Black Pope of the Jesuits is the real ruler of the world. When his name was Arrupe he liked to make the Satanistic hand sign of the Prince of the World – 666 (Rev. 13:18). Also, the coat of arms of the white pope, Jesuit Francis I, who swore a terrible oath to kill all heretics, especially Lutherans, shows Satanist symbols only. The Vatican has the same program as the NWO of the Rothschild: dictatorial Communist one world government. Read more here.

Herman Van Rompuy’ former Belgian prime minister and current president of the European Council, is a Jesuit. On February 12, 2014, The Times of Israel reported that Herman Van Rompuy deleted the poem ‘The Seagull’ from his official website after protests from Belgian Jewish groups. The poem was written by Catholic priest Cyriel Verschaeve (died 1949). In his political pamphlets, Rev. Verschaeve compared Jews to “weeds and vermin”.

Interestingly, Enda Kenny, a pro-Israel Irish politician, is the top candidate to replace Herman Van Rompuy. Enda Kenny is also a Jesuit.

On June 18, 2013, The Times of Israel, boasted “The first ‘Jewish’ Archbishop of Canterbury heads to Israel“. “Justin Welby’s grandfather fled from Germany; his father bootlegged alcohol, knew JFK and was engaged to Vanessa Redgrave; he worked in the oil industry before feeling a call to God after his daughter’s death in a car crash,” wrote Mirmiam Shaviv. Read my earlier posts about Justin Welby here and here.

Hollywood actress Vanessa Redgrave won an Oscar on April 3 1978 for her role as the anti-Nazi heroine in movie Julia. Pro-Israel terrorist organization Jewish Defense League (JDL) demonstrated against her nomination, bombed theatre screening Julia in United States and even offered bounty for her murder. Ms Redgrave was pronounced an “antisemite” by the Jewish Lobby for criticizing the Zionist entity.


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