Those Jew-hating Germans!


German Chancellor Angela Markel accompanied by her entire cabinet made a two-day visit to the Zionist entity early this week. In an interview she claimed that German-Israeli relations are at the peak. She also made an offer to Netanyahu that if Tel Aviv desired, Bonn would be more than happy to represent Israeli interests in over 47 countries which refuse to have diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity.

However, Markel’s ‘Zionist yatra’ to the Zionist entity was spoiled on Friday when Munich newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung published German cartoonist Burkhard Mohr‘s latest caricature depicting Facebook Jewish owner Mark Zuckerberg as an octopus reaching with its tentacles to control social media after Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp. It also showed the Jewish man with a long nose and thick lips. Mohr was forced by several Jewish groups to remove Zuckerberg face from the caricature.

Rabbi Abrahan Cooper director at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre claimed that the cartoon resembled Nazi propaganda and was “an outrage” that showed the artist was anti-Semitic.

Interestingly, Israeli historian and author, Barry Rubin (died 2014), in his latest book, ‘Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East’ claims that Zionist Jews collaborated with Nazis in committing the Holocaust.

Mohr said that he had intended to make a point about Facebook devouring rival WhatsApp and didn’t realise the parallels to the Nazis’ anti-Semitic portrayal of Jews as hungry tentacle monsters.

In July 2013, the newspaper was forced to apologize after printing a picture caption that likened the state of Israel to a ravenous monster. The paper said at the time that it regretted any “misunderstandings’’.

The German taxpayers have been forced to pay $93 billion in compensation to Israel and Jewish groups for Nazi ethnic-cleansing of European Jewry since 1950s. However, Germans have not received a single dollar as compensation from the US, Britain and USSR for killing three million German Christians and raping tens of thousands German girls by the Allied soldiers and German Jews.


3 responses to “Those Jew-hating Germans!

  1. Fix that typo: “raping” not “rapping”
    Great article, as always

  2. Yes, rehmat, both spellings are correct but for two DIFFERENT words with different meanings:
    raping = sexually assaulting and violating
    rapping =playing rap music or striking as in (dad rapped me over the knuckles when I put my fingers in the honey jar)

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